Smart Cameras Protect Hermitage from Robbery

A “smart” security system will appear in the Hermitage, which will protect the museum from robbers. It was developed by scientists from Samara, according to the “Nevsky News” newspaper. 

December 12, the technology was tested in one of the museum halls. The system monitors all cameras at the same time and recognizes the unusual behavior of guests.

Programmers do not consider the development to serve as a separate security system, since it only supplements existing ones, and does not replace them. They connect software to cameras, and artificial intelligence studies the data, helping the security guard.

“The computer can see at the same time what is happening on each camera, and it can detect those moments that the guard’s eye can miss,” explained Mikhail Milyutin, the head of the project company.

Since April, a “smart” security system has been installed in the Samara Museum of Modern Art. To date, it managed to gain only positive reviews.

Ru-Main, 13.12.2019

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