Smart Intercom Calling Police

The Avtomatika concern (part of Rostec corporation developing high-tech industrial products) has created a “smart intercom”, that was presented during the Tyumen Digital Forum and the exhibition “Infotech-2019”.

The product has the face recognition and the ability to make an emergency call in automatic mode, reports the press service of Rostec. It is an important element of the Smart City system. This is not just a device for entering the entrance, but an integrated security system for residents of the house.

The house intercom connected to the Internet is integrated into a single network with a security and fire alarm, which allows the device to automatically report emergencies to the emergency call centre and notify residents of the house about the danger.

“Also, with the help of an intercom, you can independently contact emergency services, if necessary,” said Oleg Evtushenko, executive director of Rostec.

The intercom is equipped with a 4-inch colour display and a widescreen IP FullHD camera with face recognition, which allows you to automatically open a keyless door when a tenant approaches the entrance and track outsiders’ visits. The device also allows you to open the door remotely using a mobile phone.

Testing of the “smart intercoms” of the previous generation began a year and a half ago in Moscow. In particular, the Smart Quarter pilot project is being implemented by the Moscow government in a territory uniting 7 apartment buildings in the Maryino area.

Ru-Main, 19.11.2019 

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