Smolny to Demolish Garages on Mebelnaya St. – Plant Appears against Citizens’ Will

On December 2, the Property Control Committee will begin to release the territory on Staroderevenskaya Street, section 3 (near house 12 on Mebelnaya Street) from the garages.

On November 27, now there are more than 900 buildings owned by individuals.

An agreement to lease a site for a garage-box parking lot was concluded with the Primorsky Public Organization of the All-Russian Society of Motorists. Then it was terminated. Thus, now garages occupy the territory illegally, officials say.

In place of the garages, a factory for the production of packaging equipment should appear. Last week, city officials agreed to design a territory plan, and St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov called the project “a good one”.

Residents of the Primorsky district previously opposed. They are unhappy with the proximity of future production to residential buildings.

Ru-Main, 27.11.2019

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