Snow Disappeared in 1 Day from Kolyvan Roads

The problem of snow in January appeared almost in every corner of the Novosibirsk region. Snow removal equipment on the streets of the village of Kolyvan caused a special reaction of citizens.

The situation was so difficult that the head of the Kolyvan region, Evgeniy Artyukhov, asked citizens to stay patient in this difficult time. The head of the district promised that the utilities will intensify the work on clearing roads, sidewalks and stopping areas and called on the heads of management companies and all enterprises to get as much involved as possible in the “fight against the elements”.

In one day, 600 cubic meters of snow was exported, while 9 pieces of equipment were involved. In the meantime, a new snowplough was opened in the area of ​​the existing landfill, 30 meters from the Kolyvan-Skala highway.

Ru-Main, 31.01.2020

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