Snowcat Prepares Tracks in Magnitogorsk

An international-level ski track appeared in the Magnitogorsk Ecopark. Since this year, the snowcat is responsible for the quality of the tracks, according to the Southern Urals broadcasting

European champion in bodybuilding, and now also the champion of Russia in swimming Larisa Denisova is a frequent visitor in the Ecopark. Larisa performed on the best tracks in the world, so she is able to compare.

“I would like to recall our trips to Finland, where we rode on good international routes, with good coverage, and then returned to Magnitogorsk – and it was not very much in terms of comparison. And now we finally live in the times when in our native Magnitogorsk we ride well-prepared tracks,” notes Larisa.

The German snowcat helps to keep the track in order, so now it is in no way inferior to European tracks. The length of all routes of the Ecopark is approximately nine kilometres. In order for the track to be of high quality, it should be done in two passes.

Ru-Main, 20.12.2019

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