Social Activists Found Way to Save Drivers from Unfair Fine

Officials and social activists have found a way to minimize the number of fines charged by mistake from road cameras. It is proposed to create a unified method which will determine what materials from cameras and to what extent should be presented in order to convict a driver, Izvestia reports. 

Picture: Moscow Regional Website

Today, more than 80% of offenders on the roads are detected by means of automatic fixation, which annually collect tens of billions of rubles. In the case of automatic means of control, the fact of fixing a road event is automatically equated to an administrative offence. From the entire set of photo and video materials, only one picture is left as evidence of guilt, on which a license plate is well visible.

It is proposed to create an officially certified methodology for studying materials from cameras. The document will determine what data from the cameras and to what extent is necessary for indisputable evidence of a violation. If it turns out that part of the material is damaged or destroyed, a driver cannot be convicted. The new system will more effectively identify falsification of materials.

Ru-Main, 16.03.2020

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