Social Activists Held Clean-Up Day at Rostov Cemetery

About 30 burials were put in order by the participants of the first joint subbotnik of public associations and ritualists of Rostov. The large-scale clean-up took place in the veteran quarter of the Northern Cemetery which contains about 2,500 graves, 1rnd reports.  

Picture: Rostov Regional Website

On the eve of May 9, a large-scale subbotnik was held in Rostov. The event was joined by employees of Rostov management companies, ritualists, representatives of a number of public organizations, and members of the Public Chamber of Rostov Akop Aleksanyan and Eduard Petrosyan.

A member of the Housing and Communal Services Committee of the “Opora Rossii” public organization, a top manager of the Funeral Service LLC Alexander Efremov, said that the grass was mowed at the cemetery by joint efforts, everything was removed and repaired. Also, the staff who came there as volunteers carried out a wet cleaning of the memorial “Nobody is Forgotten, Nothing is Forgotten”.

It is specified that in one day the participants of the clean-up managed to clean 30 graves and the obelisk to the fallen soldiers. The organizers stressed that this is the first of such joint actions. In the near future, the activists intend to inspect the military graves at other cemeteries in Rostov and, if necessary, hold more subbotniks there.

Ru-Main, 04.05.2021 

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