Social Services Centres Prepared Special Programmes for Muscovites

Citizens are invited to join the table tennis tournament, attend different kinds of performances, concerts, and masterclasses, the Moscow Mayor official website reports.   

Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website

Territorial centres of social services (TCSS) have prepared an entertainment programme for residents of Moscow. From March 16 to March 21, citizens will be able to celebrate international days of happiness and poetry, attend lectures and concerts.

On March 16 TCSS Zelenogradsky invites everyone to an open lesson in choral singing and a meeting of a teenage club. On March 17 in Moscow will be held a tennis tournament, a psychological lecture, and a creative masterclass.

On March 18, the Chertanovo Center for the Promotion of Public Searches invites visitors to an Open Microphone concert, which means that guests will perform their favourite songs there. More detailed information can be found on the Moscow Mayor website.

Ru-Main, 15.03.2020

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