South Ural Diggers Took Pictures in Abandoned Plant

Chelyabinsk diggers walked through the Automatic Mechanical Plant, and looked at the rusted machines and old posters, chelTV reports. 

The plant was built in 1931. In Soviet times, it was one of the ten largest industrial enterprises in Chelyabinsk, with 9000 workers. Previously, the company made shells for cartridges, elements for multiple launch rocket systems, and other defence products.

Even 30 years ago, work at the plant was in full swing in three shifts, but a sharp reduction in orders in the 90s forced the plant to stop soon. The enterprise suspended its activities in 2015.

According to the diggers, it is easy to get to the plant, but any walk through such buildings is life-threatening and should be avoided.

Ru-Main, 22.10.2020, Pictures: Chelyabinsk Regional Website  

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