South Urals Residents Sunbathe in Snow

The residents of Miass city, Chelyabinsk region, decided to share with the users of social networks photos of their unusual resort on Lake Turgoyak. 

Picture: Miass Resident FB-Page

In Miass city, residents enjoy a relaxing break. On social networks, pictures appeared with people in swimsuits, who are resting on snowy sun loungers. Despite the frost, the sunbathers are in a good mood.

Meanwhile, sudden changes in temperature are not very good for health and can be extremely dangerous. Doctors recommend that people with cardiovascular problems not get carried away with such photoshoots.

Ru-Main, 24.12.2019

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1 thought on “South Urals Residents Sunbathe in Snow

  1. If you’re traveling in Siberia this summer, you’ll probably see crowds of sunbathers gathered on the shores of local rivers and lakes. After a long winter of snow and ice, temperatures in Russia often broil during the summer months. The section of the Ural Mountains between the cities of Ufa and Chelyabinsk consists of forested peaks that fall away to blue lakes. The water in Lake Turgoyak, near the town of Miass, is so clear that it s often compared to Lake Baikal .

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