Soyuz MS-13 Spacecraft Returns from ISS to Earth

The Soyuz MS-13 spacecraft with Russian Aleksandr Skvortsov, American Christina Koch and Italian Luca Parmitano undocked from the International Space Station and is returning to Earth, RIA News reports. At the station, the Russian Oleg Skripochka and the Americans Jessica Meir and Andrew Morgan stayed to wait for the next ship.   

Picture: RIA News Website

The propulsion system of the Soyuz will work for braking at 11:18 Moscow time, after which the ship will be divided into compartments and enter the atmosphere. The main parachute should open at 11:58 Moscow time. The landing of the descent vehicle is expected at 12:13 Moscow time, 147 kilometres southeast of the city of Zhezkazgan in Kazakhstan.

Soyuz MS-13 arrived at the station on July 21, 2019 with Skvortsov, Parmitano and Morgan. Koch arrived earlier, on March 15, 2019, with Russian Aleksey Ovchinin and American Nick Hague. Hague and Ovchinin returned on October 3, and the first UAE astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri then took Koch’s place. He arrived on the ISS with Skripochka and Meir on September 26th.

Now the Soyuz MS-16 will leave for the ISS. It will be the first manned spacecraft launched on the new version of the Soyuz-2.1a rocket. The flight is scheduled for April 9, the main crew included Russian cosmonauts Nikolay Tikhonov and Andrei Babkin, American astronaut Christopher Cassidy.

Online broadcasting of the spacecraft landing can be watched on the Roscosmos official website.

Ru-Main, 06.02.2020

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