Space Robots to Appear in Russia 2023-2024

The Scientific Production Association (NPO) “Android Technology” plans that the first robots that can intelligently interact with cosmonauts will appear in 2023-2024, TASS reports. 

Picture: RIA News Website

It is noted that the blocks that are being developed now will allow robots to interact with cosmonauts in an intelligent mode. The NPO employees clarified that certain blocks of artificial intelligence are planned to be used in the creation of the Teledroid robot for outer space. It is supposed to work in both copying and autonomous (offline) modes.

In October 2020, the NPO reported that the first prototype of a robot for outer space would begin testing in the second half of 2021. Then the enterprise worked out the appearance of the device, its components and protocols of docking with the ISS. Also, earlier, the executive director of the NPO, Evgeny Dudorov, said that the Teledroid robot will be controlled not only from the ISS, but also from the Earth, and the avatar suit will be improved taking into account the wishes of the cosmonauts.

Ru-Main, 04.02.2021 

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