Special Study: Russians’ Attitude Towards Family and Marriage

The Russian Public Opinion Research Centre conducted a study on the Family, Love, and Faith Day, the results of which showed that country residents began to be more loyal to the marriages between representatives of different religious beliefs. In 2010, 48 per cent of respondents admitted a negative attitude to such unions, while this year’s survey stated only 30 per cent.  

The survey respondents have also changed for the better their attitude towards the marriages of representatives of different nationalities. In 2010, 10 per cent of respondents expressed a positive attitude towards them, while in 2020, it is 21 per cent. Russians experience less negative attitude towards marriage unions of people with children from a previous marriage (17 per cent in 2020 comparing to 34 per cent in 2010) and with those who were previously married (16 per cent versus 29 per cent). It is also noted that 36 per cent of the survey participants have a negative attitude towards married couples with a big age gap, while in 2010 it was 42 per cent. The respondents expressed readiness to accept the marriage of their relatives if one of the partners is from another locality (32 per cent), differs in terms of income (23 per cent), or educational and cultural level (22 per cent).

Ru-Main, 08.07.2020

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