St. Petersburg Boy Created Sketch for IKEA New Toy

IKEA encouraged children from all over the world to take part in the Soft Toy Drawing Competition and create the soft toys of their dreams. This year, IKEA received more than 66,000 applications for participation in the competition from around the world and only 5 unique drawings were selected to become real soft toys in the limited-edition of the SAGOSKATT collection 2021, the press service of the retailer reports.  

It is noted that the SAGOSKATT collection is a range of limited-edition soft toys designed by kids and for kids. It is the result of the annual IKEA Soft toy drawing competition where children across the world come to the nearest IKEA store or enter online to submit a drawing of their dream soft toy. in 2021, among the top five most creative characters that were selected by the jury appeared:

  • “Sandwich friends” designed by Audrey, 9 years old, Canada

  • “Cat” designed by Liepa, 8 years old, Lithuania

  • “Fried egg” designed by Zosia, 7 years old, Poland

  • “Mermaid dog” designed by Savva, 9 years old, Russia

  • “Bird” designed by Nick, 10 years old, USA

Ru-Main, 11.03.2021, Pictures: IKEA Official Website  

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