St. Petersburg Cabriolet Conquers City Streets [Video]

The best weather for driving a cabriolet. The video proving that St. Petersburg is the city of contrasts was shot from the window by the subscriber of Traffic Accidents in St. Petersburg VK-Group on December 19. 

The video was shot in the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg, but the author mixed up the date (he said December 21 instead of December 19).

“It was December … The guys in a cabriolet are driving through the cultural capital,” the author of the video comments.

This car will be used in the filming of the music video for the Escort and Close Friends musical groups, members of the team explained to Fontanka. It is made from the Moskvich-2140 of the 1990s and purchased in the Leningrad Region.

Watch video!

Ru-Main, 20.12.2019, Pictures: St. Petersburg Local Website 

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