St. Petersburg Veteran Raised Over 1.5 Million Rubles to Support Doctors [Video]

The World War II veteran and participant of the Battle of Stalingrad, Zinaida Korneva, has already collected 1.9 million rubles for doctors who are fighting the coronavirus, the All-Russian Organisaton of War Veterans reports. 

The money will be spent on payments to the families of 85 deceased doctors, nurses, orderlies, laboratory assistants, and other medical workers. The pensioner was able to raise money thanks to her YouTube channel, on which she posts one video story per day about her life during the war.

Earlier, the veteran explained that she was inspired by the example of a 100-year-old British veteran, Tom Moore, who raised over £ 30 million for doctors in late April. Korneva sent him a gift for the Victory Day (knitted socks, the Victory flag, the St. George ribbon, and a greeting card with a poem).

Ru-Main, 06.05.2020

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