State Support for Russian Feature Films First Time Amounts 100 Million Rubles

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation for the first time approved a single amount of state support for non-debut feature films, the amount will be up to 100 million rubles per project. 

For the first time, a single amount of state support for feature films, except for debut films, has been determined – up to 100 million rubles for a project. The Russian Ministry of Culture holds separate competitions to provide funding for copyright and experimental films, films for children and films of socially significant topics.

It is noted that the budget and staging complexity of the picture are determined by the script and the artistic component, and not by the topic of the project and its target audience. The collection of applications for participation in the competition for receiving a subsidy will begin on February 21 and will last until early May, depending on the direction of support. Films that will receive funding are scheduled to be determined by June.

As specified in the ministry, the previously allowable subsidy for the production of an author’s film was up to 50 million rubles and for the creation of children’s or socially significant films, up to 70 million rubles. The maximum amount of support for game debuts has been increased to 50 million rubles per project (in 2021 – 30 million rubles). The amount of funding for feature films at the stage of completion of production will be up to 30 million rubles.

Ru-Main, 18.02.2022
Source: TASS 

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