Strange Dove Suprised Ural Residents [Video]

Residents of the Urals were embarrassed by the behaviour of birds. Pigeon quenched thirst with fluid from the exhaust pipe.

A random passerby noticed a bird spinning under a truck. The car was started, and in addition to the gases, liquid also came out of the exhaust pipe. Walking closer, an eyewitness noticed that a dove was drinking from a puddle. The man shared what he saw in social networks.

“Today I had the opportunity to meet such a suspicious comrade,” the eyewitness writes.

Users of social networks began to exchange jokes about this, probably because they suggested that the bird drinks fuel.

However, in the puddle, there could be ordinary water that froze during the night, and when the car warmed up, it melted and flowed out.

Ru-Main, 03.12.2019

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