Suburban Rail Between Crimea and Kuban Starts Operating Today

Suburban communications on the Crimean bridge between Kerch and Anapa will open on March 7. There will be three flights from the Kuban to Crimea and the same number in the opposite direction on Friday and weekends, on weekdays there will be two flights. 

Picture: RIA News Website

The first passenger train over the bridge to the Crimea departed from St. Petersburg and arrived on December 25 in Sevastopol, on December 26 the first passenger train from Moscow arrived in Simferopol.

The first train will leave from Kerch station to Anapa on March 7 at 14:38 Moscow time, the travel time will be two hours, a ticket to the final station will cost 439 rubles. It is specified that the Crimean bridge is ready for a phased increase in railway traffic in both directions, RIA News reports.

Ru-Main, 07.03.2020  

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