Survey Showed That Majority of Moscow Schoolchildren Like Physical Education Classes

In Moscow, the majority (84 per cent) of children and adolescents aged 3 to 17 years regularly play sports, according to the results of a study by the city’s Sports Department conducted jointly with the NAFI Analytical Centre. 

On average, 83 per cent of Moscow schoolchildren like to attend physical education classes. As the study clarifies, Moscow elementary school students like physical education lessons more than high school students (91 per cent vs. 75 per cent). Also, children aged 7-10 turned out to be the most involved in sports in general.

When choosing sports clubs and activities, Moscow schoolchildren often give preference to establishments close to their homes. However, the older a student gets, the more often he attends sports clubs in other districts (25 per cent among teenagers aged 16-17 years against 14 per cent of children aged 7-10 years).

As specified, swimming and football turned out to be the most popular sports among children and teenagers in Moscow. Also, on the top list appeared sports dancing and martial arts.

It is noted that every third Moscow student (33 per cent) would like to see more sports clubs in their school. Most of all, children voted for martial arts (18 per cent), swimming (15 per cent) and tennis (15 per cent).

In addition, almost half of the surveyed schoolchildren (40 per cent) who do not play sports now, would like to go to sport clubs at their school, but cannot due to lack of time (45 per cent), interesting activities (34 per cent) and lack of friends who could join them (17 per cent).

Ru-Main, 26.10.2021
Source: NAFI 

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