Suspension System for Dogs’ Landing Being Tested in Russia [Video]

The Technodinamika holding of the Rostec state corporation plans to complete state tests of the parachute suspension system for the landing of dogs by the end of the year, TASS reports. Deliveries of the system to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation may begin as early as next year, according to the holding’s Chief Designer for Parachute Production Alexey Kozin. 

According to Kozin, the dog’s parachute system is being developed for the first time in Russia and there are no analogues of such a system in the country. The system is designed for landing dogs weighing up to 45 kg from a height of up to 4 thousand metres together with a parachutist or in tandem with a parachutist and a dog handler.

“According to preliminary tests, no deviations and negative results were revealed. The dog behaves adequately after the jump, after landing it is ready to perform the tasks set for it,” Kozin said.

As the test paratrooper who directly performed experimental jumps with dogs, Andrey Toporkov, said, animals accustomed to flying stand it well, they look out the window in the plane, examine the ground and clouds. They easily endure getting out of an aircraft, so free-falling does not pose any problems for them.

It is expected that the suspended parachute system of a dog will be presented to the general public for the first time at the “ARMY-2021” international forum. Kozin also noted that the specialists of the holding are planning to create oxygen equipment for dogs so that they can parachute jumps from a height of up to 8 thousand metres with them.

Ru-Main, 06.07.2021 

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