Sverdlovsk Karateka Won Silver at European Championship

Sverdlovsk athlete, Lev Mukhamadeev, performed in the Russian national team at the European Karate Championship in Budapest and got silver. His coach, Evgeniy Razumov, told that athletes have one more day to fight. 

Picture: Yekaterinburg Regional Website

According to the coach, the young athlete already held preliminary fights with rivals from Montenegro, Croatia, and Poland. He won these fights and fought on equal terms with an opponent from Turkey. In the finals, he met with the Englishman and got silver.

To date, it is the best result, not counting the achievements of Russian coaches. To achieve this victory, Lev practised a lot, went to training camps and won a lot of competitions. The Russian team currently has one gold, one silver and five bronze medals.

Ru-Main, 09.02.2020

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