System of Passive Radio Monitoring from St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg researchers have developed a system of radar monitoring of airspace using satellite signals. The new technology is designed to combat terrorist threats. It can operate by utilizing the equipment used to support the work of digital television. 

According to the press service of LETI (St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University), the development of the system was carried out for about seven years. Thanks to the innovative radar system, it will be possible to obtain information about suspicious objects based on signals that have been reflected or re-emitted.

The key innovation is that this system is passive. When a conventional locator works, it emits a signal, and then receives it in a reflected form and processes it. A passive system allows receiving signals that were previously reflected. Television stations and cellular transmitters can be used here as radiation sources.

It is expected that the development can be applied to anti-terrorism measures. In particular, a passive radio monitoring system is capable of detecting drones in cities. Scientists are trying to “teach” the system to distinguish quadrocopters from birds, that is quite difficult.

Nevertheless, when this task is solved, the new radio monitoring system will be of serious interest to ornithologists, because it will allow you to track the migration of birds.

Ru-Main, 11.12.2019 

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