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Business | Technology  | 22.04.21

Russian Scientists Created New Material for 3D Printing

Specialists of the National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute” have developed a composite material that makes it possible to create components for power plants and medical devices using 3D printing technology, TASS reports.  Scientists have developed a new slurry formulation for making ceramic products using 3D printing technology. The materials obtained have an optimal combination of

Business | Technology  | 25.03.21

Don Scientists Developed 3D Scanner for Stump Analysis

A postgraduate student at Don State Technical University, Denis Hashev, has developed a device that produces high-precision scanning of a truncated upper limb when creating a prosthesis, the university’s press service reports.  The automated analyzer of the stump ‘BioSculptor 3D Touch Scanner’ is designed to improve the quality of the prosthesis socket and reduce the

Fun | Movies | Videos  | 01.01.21

Premiere: Russian Traditional Cartoon Appeared in 3D [Video]

The premiere of the New Year’s short film about the adventures of Cheburashka and Gena the Crocodile “Cheburashka. The Secret of the Holiday” was released on December 31, TASS reports.    The traditional Russian cartoon with favourite characters was earlier made in the technique of puppet animation, but when creating the New Year’s series, 3D

Insight | Around Russia  | 14.11.20

Advanced Study Classes Opened in Novosibirsk Settlement

In the Centre for Children’s Scientific and Technical Creativity “Sputnik”, in Linyovo settlement, the Iskitimsky District of Novosibirsk, three creative associations were opened, in chemistry, physics, and 3D-modeling and prototyping, VN.ru reports.   The creation of such classes is part of the large-scale educational programme of the Sibanthracite Group in the Novosibirsk region. The company has

Recommended | Business | Technology  | 14.09.20

Nizhny Novgorod Students Found New Way to Make Prostheses

The team of schoolchildren and students of the Volga Medical University “Cult of Life” won the competition of the initiative “Personnel of the Future for the Region. The Nizhny Novgorod Region”, Stacionar.press reports.   Students from Nizhny Novgorod have developed a 3D prosthetics technology that will allow creating personal prostheses for the lower extremities. Thus, the

Recommended | Business | Technology  | 15.07.20

New 3D Equipment to Appear at Moscow Children’s Hospital

Two laparoscopic sets appeared at the Morozov Children’s Hospital. Using this equipment, minimally invasive surgery can be performed. There is a special 3D video camera, processor, coagulator, carbon dioxide supply device, and a 3D LCD monitor that provides the most realistic 3D image of the operated area, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reported.  

Recommended | Insight | Rostov  | 03.07.20

Southern Federal University Created 3D Excursion for Applicants

The administrative building of the educational institution is built in the form of a sail, so applicants are encouraged to look inside and enjoy the unusual architecture.  A panoramic 3D tour of the university with the full effect of presence is now available at the special webpage. It is noted that the panorama of the

Recommended | Events | Visit  | 07.06.20

Russian Scientists Recreated Dinosaur Brain in 3D

Russian scientists from St. Petersburg University recreated the brain of a dinosaur in 3D, RIA News reports. The fragments of the skull were found in Uzbekistan. The results of the study are published in the journal Biological Communications. St. Petersburg palaeontologists, together with colleagues from the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and

Recommended | Fun | Movies  | 23.04.20

First 3D Cartoon About Cheburashka Created in Japan

Animators from Japan have created a new short film about the Soviet animation character Cheburashka. All cartoon characters speak Japanese, and the video is made in 3D animation. It is reported by the publication Anime News Network. This is not the first project about Cheburashka, which was created in Japan. 17 years ago, the Japanese

Recommended | Business | Technology  | 15.04.20

Components for Medical Equipment Made in Moscow on 3D Printer

The company, which operates in the territory of the special economic zone, Technopolis Moscow, will produce scarce components for medical equipment using 3D printers, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.  For a day, 175 protective reusable respirators made of polyamide, 48 valves for breathing support and 4 thousand contactless devices with which you

Insight | Samara  | 16.02.20

3D Model of Archaeological Excavations Developed in Samara

Samara is expected to produce a modern visual aid for schoolchildren and students studying archaeology, stated the Samara Research University website. The work on a 3D model based on real excavations conducted in the summer of 2019 has already begun at the university.   In 2019, scientists from the University of Hungary and Samara University conducted