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Russians Named Most Influential Actors

Russian residents called Leonardo DiCaprio the actor who had the greatest influence on foreign cinema over the past 10 years, according to the results of a survey conducted by the SuperJob job search portal, RBC reports. Among foreign actresses, citizens singled out Angelina Jolie (14 per cent).  It is specified that Russian actors and actresses

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Russian Actress Explained Why She Likes Trains

Russian actress, Kristina Asmus, said that when choosing a transport, she prefers a train to an airplane, even when it comes to long distances. She explained that such travels serve as real weekends, as they give an opportunity to get more sleep, read scripts, and learn texts.   View this post on Instagram Я еду из

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Russian Actress Posted Photo from Bathroom

Russian actress, Kristina Asmus, shared her photos from the bathroom. In the caption for the pictures on her Instagram-Page, she explained that this was the only time in her life when she was photographed naked on a phone.  View this post on Instagram Это был единственный раз в моей жизни, когда я фотографировала себя голой

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Omsk Citizens Take Part in Unique Theatre Performance by Phone

To participate in the performance, you need to register on the theatre’s website, choose a convenient time, and 10 minutes before the start of a performance, a script will be sent to your mail where your cues are written, but you can’t read them in advance. It is advised to wait for the call from

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Russian Model Named Favourite TV Shows and Singers

Russian model, Irina Shayk, told the editor-in-chief of Vogue Russia, Maria Fedorova, about her life during quarantine and answered the questions about her future plans. Irina said that she likes to watch ‘Let Them Talk’, ‘Evening Urgant’, and ‘Pole Chudes’ (“The Field of Wonders”) on Russian TV.  Irina mentioned her favourite Russian musicians, namely the

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Milla Jovovich Told About Grandmother in Two Languages

American actress, Milla Jovovich, congratulated subscribers on Victory Day both in English and Russian on her Instagram-Page. View this post on Instagram May 8 and 9th respectively mark the end of WW2 for both the Allied and the Russian Army. There were many fighters and soldiers in my family who fought in the war. This

Russian Actress Arranged Retro Disco at Home

Russian actress, Natalia Bochkareva, arranged a fancy-dress retro-party. She showed the images of women from the 40s to the 90s. View this post on Instagram Друзья, решила сегодня вас немного развлечь и ненадолго перенеслась в музыкальное прошлое☺️? ⠀ А теперь давайте поговорим о ваших музыкальных предпочтениях.. Какую музыку и какого поколения вы слушаете чаще всего?

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Lead Pencil Russian Drama to be Released Soon

On December 5, the drama directed by Natalya Nazarova “Lead Pencil”, that is the story of the struggle for human talent, goes to Russian distribution. At the recent Russian Film Festival in Honfleur (France), the film received the Grand Prix, as well as the Prize for the Best Actress (Nadezhda Gorelova) and the Audience Award.

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Actress Guzeeva with Husband in Public First Time in a While

Larisa Guzeeva shot in a video her husband, restaurateur Igor Bukharov, during shopping. The event is noteworthy because the actress prefers to avoid talking about her personal life. The video hit the Web. The recording depicts the process of choosing a tracksuit by Bukharov. Meanwhile, Guzeeva is actively commenting on what is happening. “It feels