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Moscow | Visit | Trip Advisory  | 22.12.22

Best Snow Hills for Tubing in Moscow

The addresses of the best snow hills for tubing in Moscow were listed in a special material by Moslenta. The most ideal option is a slide in the Fairy Tale Park “Skazka” on Krylatskaya Street, 18.  The main advantage is that the hill in “Skazka” is free, and you can come to it with your

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 25.05.22

Experts Named Most Attractive Tourist Places in Russia

Specialists of the Rabota.ru job search service conducted a survey on the most attractive tourist destinations in Russia and presented the results on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.   According to the results of the study, Altai, Sochi, and St. Petersburg entered the top three. People from different regions of Russia voted for these cities as the

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 02.05.22

Experts Named Highest-Paid Jobs in Russia for Part-Time Work

Experts of the HeadHunter job search service named the highest-paid jobs for part-time work in Russia. It is noted that the average proposed salary for employees who work temporarily or partially amounts to 33.8 thousand rubles.  Thus, the manager of outbound tourism in Irkutsk can receive from 100 to 300 thousand rubles before taxes. There

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 02.05.22

Experts Gave Russians Tips on Choosing High-Quality Shashlik for May Holidays

On the eve of the May holidays (Labour Day, on May 1, and Victory Day, on May 9), specialists of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Protection (Rospotrebnadzor) gave Russians advice on choosing high-quality shashlik meat.  Experts advise buying meat in specially equipped retail outlets. Before buying, you should check its appearance, colour, condition

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 01.03.22

Russian Aviation Offered Country Residents Abroad Two Ways to Return Home

Rosaviation is working on the issue of organizing humanitarian flights from the countries where most Russians are located.  “The implementation of humanitarian flights will be possible subject to positive decisions of the aviation authorities of the EU countries from/through which these flights will be organized,” the publication states. Thus, Rosaviation, together with the Russian Foreign

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 10.02.22

Experts Named Top Cheap Destinations for Travel on Valentine’s Day

St. Petersburg, Makhachkala, and Vladikavkaz are named the best destinations in Russia to go on a trip on Valentine’s Day if you are ready to spend less than five thousand rubles per person.  As noted in a study of the OneTwoTrip travel planning service, Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on February 14, in 2022 falls

Insight | Trip Advisory | Around Russia  | 14.06.21

Most Russians are Proud of Country’s Army and Navy

Specialists from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) presented the data from a survey of Russians dedicated to the Day of Russia. Most country residents (73 per cent) know that on June 12, the country traditionally celebrates Russia Day, which until 2002 was called Independence Day. It is noted that over the past 15

Recommended | Insight | Technology | Around Russia  | 07.06.21

Russians’ Opinion: Government Should Improve Educational Sphere to Increase Technological Development

Among Russians, there are more of those who see their country as a leader in technological development (21 per cent) than those who believe that the country lags behind others (17 per cent), according to experts from the All-Russian Public Opinion Foundation (FOM). The majority of Russians are sure that the country is at the

Business | Technology  | 05.06.21

Russian IT Experts Named Most Reliable Password

The most reliable password for social networks and e-mail can be considered a combination based on a passphrase, according to a member of the Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), Evgeny Yushchuk, in an interview with RadioSputnik.    To reduce the risk of hacking important user accounts, cybersecurity experts advise coming up with complex and

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 24.05.21

Russian Experts Gave Advice on Choosing Sun Cream

Specialists of the ‘Roskachestvo’ national quality monitoring system do not recommend purchasing sun cream with citrus essential oils, since they increase sensitivity to the sun, TASS reports.   Experts recommend that people living in northern cities who do not spend much time in the sun should use chemical filters as they feel lighter on the face