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Kaliningrad Airport Opened Sky for Two Years

The Kaliningrad “Khrabrovo” airport introduced an open sky regime from October 1, as reported by the Federal Air Transport Agency. According to the new rules, foreign companies will be able to fly from an air harbor to other states without landing in their own country.   “From October 1, 2022, the ‘open sky’ mode will be

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Passenger Traffic at Novosibirsk Airport Increased by Over 45%

Passenger traffic of the largest transit hub beyond the Urals, Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport, increased by more than 45 per cent compared to 2020, up to 6.7 million people. The growth is associated with an increase in the flight programme of the base carrier S7 Airlines.  Tolmachevo International Airport is the largest transit air hub beyond

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Passenger Traffic at Pulkovo Airport Increased by 65%

Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg served 18.1 million people in 2021, which is 65.4 per cent more than the same indicator in 2020, when, according to the Federal Agency for Air Transport, 10.9 million people were transported.  As reported, on domestic flights, 15.5 million passengers out of 18.1 million people were served, which is 28

Russia Opens Air Traffic to Number of Countries in November 2021

Russia will lift restrictions on air traffic with Austria, Switzerland, Finland and the UAE from November 9, 2021, taking into account the epidemic situation in these countries, according to the press service of the Operational Headquarters for the Fight Against Coronavirus Infection.   In addition, Russia is resuming flights with nine other countries, including the Bahamas,

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Experts Named Best Airports in Russia 2020

Airports Council International (ACI) which is the only global trade representative of the world’s airports conducted a study on passenger satisfaction with the quality of service at European airports in 2020.    The Council noted that the COVID-19 pandemic had a dramatic impact on global passenger traffic in 2020 as well as changing customer perceptions

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Nizhny Novgorod Airport Opens Direct Flights to Yerevan

The ‘Strigino’ International Airport opens direct flights from Nizhny Novgorod to the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. The flights will be operated once a week, according to the press service of the airport. The trip will take approximately three hours.   It is specified that the departure from Nizhny Novgorod on Fridays will be at 11:30 pm,

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Omsk Airport Named Most Punctual Airlines

Omsk airport has published the data on flight delays and cancellations by different airlines. After analyzing these data, the experts were able to make conclusions about the punctuality of Russian airlines and choose leaders in this regard, om1 reports.   According to the results of the study, UTair flights were departed on time in 90 per

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Design for Novosibirsk Airport to Be Developed by Local Students

The Governor of the Novosibirsk Region, Andrey Travnikov, supported the initiative of the General Director of Tolmachevo Airport JSC, Evgeny Yankilevich, to attract Novosibirsk students to design the interiors of the new airport building, VN.ru reports.   Travnikov recalled that the basic concept for the design of the premises of the new airport is a combination

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Nizhny Novgorod Airport Resumes International Flights

Strigino airport in Nizhny Novgorod resumes international flights from February 8, 2021, goj.aero reports.   According to the rules established by sanitary doctors, citizens of the Russian Federation arriving on the territory of the country are required to fill out a questionnaire on board the aircraft and fill out a form on the portal of

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Simferopol Airport Served Over 4.5 Million Passengers

Simferopol International Airport served 4.63 million people in 2020. The most popular flight destinations are Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Kazan, according to the press service of the airport.  In August 2020, for the first time in history, monthly passenger traffic exceeded 1 million passengers, the daily traffic reached a

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New Flights to Be Launched From Yekaterinburg in January

Two new direct flights from the ‘Koltsovo’ international airport of Yekaterinburg to other Russian cities will be launched in January 2021 by the Red Wings company, e1.ru reports.    It is noted that from January 2021, Red Wings aircraft will fly non-stop to Izhevsk and Barnaul, which previously could only be reached from Yekaterinburg with

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Nizhny Novgorod Hachiko Impressed Airports Visitors

Nizhny Novgorod residents and guests of the city said that in the ‘Strigino’ airports, a lonely dog ​​has been waiting for its owner for more than four days and does not leave the building for a moment, NewsNN reports with reference to the ‘Region-52’ VKontakte-Community.  Nizhny Novgorod residents said that the dog sits at the