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Economics | Business  | 07.07.22

Russian Economy Appeared to Be More Stable Than West Expected

Russia seems to be on the way to a much smaller recession than initially expected this year, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, July 6, citing experts. According to them, the growing oil supplies have weakened the impact of US and EU sanctions.  According to the publication, economists from JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and other major banks are

Economics | Business  | 25.05.22

Russia Entered Top 3 European Countries With Most Affordable Gas

Russia took the second place in the ranking of countries on the cheapness of gas for the population. Kazakhstan occupied the first place and Belarus took the third, according to the RIA Novosti study.  To assess the cost of gas for the population, the RIA Rating experts analyzed its prices in rubles. In addition, the

Insight | Around Russia  | 10.09.21

Experts Named Russian Regions With Richest Residents 

Moscow and the Moscow region have become the regions where the most millionaires live, RBC reports with reference to a study conducted by analysts of the Centre for Wealth Management and Philanthropy of the ‘Skolkovo’ Moscow School of Management.  According to experts, there are about 100 thousand rich people in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Economics | Business  | 08.07.21

Russians Started Making Bigger Payments for Mortgages

Almost a quarter of mortgage borrowers in Russia increased their monthly loan payments during the pandemic. In particular, half of them began to pay 20-30 per cent more, RIA Novosti reports referring to the results of a study conducted by the Online-Ipoteka mortgage supermarket.  “About 23 per cent of mortgage borrowers during the pandemic voluntarily

Economics | Insight | Around Russia  | 14.06.21

Russians Told How Much Pocket Money They Give Children

Three-quarters of Russians support the idea of ​​allocating a certain budget for pocket money for their children, RIA Novosti reports, referring to a study conducted by Rosgosstrakh Bank. Most parents consider the optimal amount of pocket money for children to be up to 250 rubles a week.  Experts clarify that about 74 per cent of

Trading | Business  | 22.05.21

Experts Analysed Russian Car Market Dynamics in April 2021

In April 2021, the Russian car market showed a record growth of almost 4 times, according to the AUTOSTAT analytical agency’s experts.   The mass segment of the market last month accounted for 89.2 per cent of the total sales of new cars or 137.8 thousand cars, which is 290 per cent higher than last year’s

Economics | Business  | 17.05.21

Russian Experts Launched Service With Transaction Turnover Heat Maps

The Federal State Registration Service (Rosreestr) has developed an online service for real estate market analytics which is a heat map of the turnover of transactions, TASS reported.  With the help of the new service, you can get information on the number of real estate transactions in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and

Economics | Business  | 08.05.21

Mortgages Became Most Popular Banking Product Among Russian Youth

The most popular banking product among Russian youth (18-35 years old) in the Q1 of 2021 was a mortgage, TASS reports with reference to a study conducted by Rosselkhozbank.   Bank experts explain the growth in demand for mortgages by the preferential programmes launched last year, which prompted many young people to think about buying their

Recommended | Economics | Business  | 23.04.21

The Moscow Witch: Market Analysis by Paul Goncharoff

This sunny Thursday morning in Moscow found me in the apartment doing some remote work on the laptop and thinking of restocking my emptying fridge. Inspired, I walked to my nearby farmer’s market.  Who do I run into just past the veggies and smoked fish section? The neighborhood “Znakharka”, my “healer-witch-seeress” acquaintance whom I have

Economics | Trading | Business  | 30.03.21

Analysts Named Main Trends in Russian Housing Markets

The main trends in the mortgage and construction market of the Russian Federation in 2020 were a decrease in mortgage rates, a record level of refinancing, an increase in the share of loans for new buildings and an active transition of the industry to project financing, according to the Head of the DOM.RF Analytical Centre