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Russia Sent Note to US Demanding Stop Weapons Supply to Ukraine

Russia has sent a note to the USA demanding to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine, as announced by the Russian Ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, speaking for Rossiya 24 TV channel.   “800 million dollars – this figure will be supplied with weapons from Washington to Kiev. This is a huge figure, it does

We Won’t Allow to Undermine Russian Sovereignty, Ambassador to US Says

Russia’s Ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, repelled statements that Russia is “solely responsible for unleashing the crisis in Ukraine” given by the US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland on January 11. The Ambassador stressed that such accusatory rhetoric of senior State Department officials does not lead to creating a constructive atmosphere in the

Russian Ambassador Calls on US Authorities to Renew Mutually Respectful Dialogue

The US State Department claimed that the country’s authorities regret that the restrictions imposed by the Russian authorities as part of the fight against coronavirus will not allow the OSCE to send observers to the vote, TASS reports.   “The United States regrets that restrictions imposed by Russian authorities will prevent the OSCE’s Office for Democratic