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Insight | Chelyabinsk  | 22.01.21

Ancient Fossil to Be Sold in Urals for 1 Million Rubles

A resident of the Chelyabinsk region put up for sale an unusual fossil with the remains of ancient shells, chelTV reports.  According to the seller, there are several fossilized ancient spiral shells on the stone, but he was unable to pinpoint all the details. The man believes that his find may date back to the

Events | Visit  | 18.12.20

Torture Exhibition Opened in Novosibirsk

A unique exhibition is being held in Novosibirsk, where more than 50 types of ancient torture will be shown. The works will be recreated according to historical descriptions and old engravings. To see the exhibits, visitors are invited to the ‘Podzemka’ Novosibirsk Loft Park.   From December 16, 2020, to February 28, 2021, Novosibirsk residents will

Culture | Visit  | 31.08.20

Ancient Gospel Exhibited at Public Library for Science and Technology

The State Public Library for Science and Technology is preparing a new exhibition of rare books. A special exhibit is the Gospel of the mid-17th century, VN.ru reports. It was found in one of the modern communities of Old Believers. The book is from the Trans-Baikal collection, its cover is made of wood, leather, and