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Russian Officials Seek for Effective Ways to Stop War in Donbass

On Friday, August 20, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, at a press conference with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, spoke about the tense situation in Donbass, TASS reports. He recalled that since the beginning of August, more than a thousand cases of violation of the ceasefire regime have been recorded on the territory of the Donetsk and

Vladimir Putin Supported German Chancellor When Her Phone Rang [Video]

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel today, on August 20. The meeting took place in a warm atmosphere and pleased the Russians who are following news with such a friendly tone.  у Меркель во время переговоров с Путиным зазвонил телефон pic.twitter.com/oEOS3hg5Lq — Кремлевский пул РИА (@Kremlinpool_RIA) August 20, 2021 From the

Russian President Meets German Departing Chancellor in Kremlin

Germany has remained one of Moscow’s main trade and economic partners, thanks also to 16 years of continuing efforts by the departing German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in the Kremlin during Merkel’s final visit to Moscow as a leader, RT reports.   “I would like to note that the Federal Republic remains