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Insight | Chelyabinsk  | 16.09.20

Almost 20 Chelyabinsk Homeless Animals Found New Families

Nineteen homeless animals from Chelyabinsk have found new families thanks to the All-Russian action “Do Not Buy, Take From Shelter”, chelTV reports. The action was launched on the initiative of the State Duma deputy, Vladimir Burmatov, who also took a kitten.   The action is planned to be regular, which means that a new holiday may

Business | Industry  | 12.09.20

Nizhny Novgorod Agrarians Exceeded Plan for Animal Feed Procurement

The farmers in Nizhny Novgorod procured 702 thousand tonnes of feed for farm animals, which is 24 per cent more than planned, according to the head of the regional Ministry of Agriculture Nikolai Denisov. He noted that agrarians stocked 230 thousand tonnes of hay, which is 9 per cent higher than it was planned.   According

Insight | Around Russia  | 10.09.20

Russians Consider Parrots to Be Best Pets

The analysts of the Avito service have analyzed which animals are popular among Russians, KazanFirst reports. According to the experts, the top 10 most popular pets included parrots, rats, chinchillas, turtles, hamsters, fishes, decorative rabbits, guinea pigs, and others.   It is specified that Russians would also like to have ferrets, snakes, lizards, chameleons, and raccoons.

Funny Russia | Fun | Videos  | 09.09.20

Moscow Zoo Employees Showed Followers Dancing Camel [Video]

A video has appeared on the official Instagram-Page of the Moscow Zoo. It shows the dances of a six-month-old male camel named Storm and the older female Zukhra.  View this post on Instagram ВЕРБЛЮЖЬИ ТАНЦЫ 🐪 Маленькому верблюжонку по имени Шторм всего полгода, и он ведет себя, как нормальный активный ребенок. Своим поведением он полностью

Insight | Around Russia  | 25.08.20

Compulsory Pets Labelling to Be Introduced in Russia 2021

Russian pet owners will be obliged to label their pets and register them at their own expense starting from the year 2021, according to the amendments to the legislation, which introduce compulsory registration and labelling of pets in Russia, Izvestia reports.  It is noted that to prevent the spread of infectious animal diseases, as well

Moscow | Insight  | 18.08.20

Temporary Vaccination Centres for Animals Opened in Moscow

Temporary vaccination centres opened in Moscow due to new cases of rabies among pets, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reported. Free vaccinations will be given to animals according to the special schedule.   It is noted that vaccination is the only reliable way to protect a pet from rabies, as the virus provokes

Funny Russia | Fun | Videos  | 09.08.20

Urals Fox Got Habit of Looking for Nuts [Video]

Residents of South Urals were expecting a squirrel but saw the fox. Residents of Snezhinsk left nuts on the terrace near the house to attract squirrels. The thief turned out to be not a rodent but a fox that came for treats.   The video shows how the fox approaches the nuts, grabs one, and

Insight | Around Russia  | 08.08.20

Most Popular Cat Breeds in Russia

Russians most often have British cats, Maine Coons, Bengal, and Siberian cats, the city news agency Moscow reported on the International Cat Day which is celebrated on August 8.   The President of the International Felinological Association, Elena Shevchenko, explained the popularity of British cats by their external similarity with teddy bears. According to the expert,

Moscow | Insight  | 29.07.20

Over 8,000 Homeless Animals Caught in Moscow Suburbs

More than 8,000 stray animals have been caught in the Moscow region since the beginning of the year, which is more than in the entire 2019, Moscow Region Today reported with reference to the press service of the Moscow Region Department of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture and Food.  According to the head of the

Insight | Around Russia  | 21.07.20

Wildlife Safari Park to Be Built in Tatarstan

In Tatarstan, the work on the creation of a safari park with wild animals is carried out. The Wild Farm complex will be built on the territory of the abandoned village of Stepanovka in the Rybno-Slobodsky district. It will occupy a total area of 400 hectares. The investments at the first stage amount to 208