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Moscow | Insight  | 23.12.22

Muscovites Named Most Popular Types of Luxury Flats

In 2022, three-bedroom flats were named the most popular type of luxury housing among Muscovites, which is stated in a study by the Intermark Real Estate agency.  It is specified that the share of transactions with this type of flats reached 32 per cent. Two-bedroom flats were also considered a popular type of housing, and

Moscow | Insight  | 09.03.21

Experts Named Moscow Big Flat Average Price

According to a study conducted by specialists from the “Rental Housing” DOM.RF‘s division, three-room flats occupy a fifth of the Moscow rental market supply, while multi-room flats take about 10 per cent of it. Most of the flats are located in residential neighbourhoods or areas with well-developed social infrastructure.    Experts have found that large families

Moscow | Trading | Business  | 19.02.21

Russian Experts Named 1-Room Flat Average Cost in Moscow

The average cost of a one-room flat in Moscow in January 2021 for the first time in the history of the Moscow market increased to nine million rubles, the press service of the ‘Metrium‘ real estate company reported.  Thus, in December 2020, the average cost of such housing was 8.8 million rubles, and in January

Moscow | Trading | Business  | 12.02.21

Moscow Increased Number of Transactions With Mortgages for New Buildings

In Moscow, the number of transactions with new buildings involving loans increased by a quarter in 2020 compared to 2019, the press service of the Federal State Registration Service (Rosreestr) reported.  It is specified that last year 53,416 contracts for participation in shared construction in the residential and non-residential real estate market were registered. Almost

Insight | Kazan  | 04.02.21

Kazan Flat Got Into Top List of Most Expensive in Russia

A one-room flat in the “Barcelona” Kazan residential complex was included in the top 10 most expensive one-room flats in Russia, according to a study conducted by specialists from the CIAN company which collects a database of ads for rent and sale of real estate, KazanFirst reports.   The authors of the rating specified that Kazan

Insight | Nizhny Novgorod  | 14.01.21

Real Estate Experts Found Cheapest Flat in Nizhny Novgorod

In Nizhny Novgorod, a one-room flat with an area of ​​16 square metres is being sold for 550 thousand rubles. This offer turned out to be the cheapest one in 2020, NewsNN reports.   It is specified that the flat is located in a two-story wooden house built in 1955 on Vesennyaya Street in the Kanavinsky

Insight | Omsk  | 12.11.20

Omsk Residents in Need to Get Flats for Free

This year, the Omsk mayor’s office accepted 14 escheat flats into municipal ownership. This property did not find heirs after the death of its owners. The flats were transferred to city ownership and included in the fund for social use.  According to the Department of Housing Policy, quite often the information about abandoned housing comes

Moscow | Insight  | 03.10.20

Almost 8,000 Moscow Families Moved Into New Flats Under Renovation Programme

About 8,000 Moscow families have received new housing for renovation since the start of the government programme, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports with reference to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov.  “Since the beginning of 2020, thanks to the renovation programme, 2,581 families

Trading | Business | Novosibirsk  | 26.09.20

Experts Told Who Buy Elite Flats in Novosibirsk

Russian realtors have studied the picture of demand for luxury flats among residents of Novosibirsk. They found out that most of the expensive housing is acquired by married men through a mortgage agreement, and the average payment on loans for housing over 9 million rubles exceeds 110,000 rubles, VN.ru reports.   It is specified that the

Recommended | Trading | Business  | 13.08.20

Russians Named Ideal Flat’s Area

The majority of Russians willing to buy housing (70 per cent) would like to have a flat with an area of ​​more than 50 square metres. These results came from a study conducted by Raiffeisenbank, RIA News reported. However, one-fourth of the respondents said that smaller housing sizes (30-50 square metres) are also sufficient for

Events | Visit  | 03.08.20

Moscow Experts Awarded ‘Best-Implemented Construction Project’ Winners

The Moscow Competition Commission selected 38 best projects of the ‘Best Implemented Construction Project’ competition, the press service of the Moscow City Planning Policy Department reported. it is noted that this year, the highest competition was observed in the following nominations: “Construction of High-Comfort Apartment Buildings”, “Construction of Educational Facilities”, “Restoration and Adaptation of Cultural