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Recommended | Events | Visit | Rostov  | 15.06.20

Rostovites Invited to Business Weekend Online Webinars

On June 17, in Semikarakorsky district of the Rostov region, a free online training project for entrepreneurs ‘Business Weekend‘ starts. This is a course of webinars on business crisis management developed by the Rostov Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship Support.  It is noted that the topics of the webinars are the most relevant, namely “State Support

Economics | Business  | 08.06.20

Omsk City Administration to Support Entrepreneurs During Crisis

The deputies of the Omsk City Council supported the proposal of the City Hall to support businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Then the mayor’s office developed a package of proposals that could help businesses survive the corona-crisis, om1.ru reports.  It is noted that land and real estate tenants from industries most affected by the

Recommended | Economics | Business  | 30.04.20

Russian Government Helps Compatriots Abroad

The authorities will allocate additional funds to support the Russians, who do not have the opportunity to return to the country from abroad due to the epidemiological situation, RIA News reports.  According to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin, the money will be used to pay for temporary residence, food, and other

Recommended | Events | Visit  | 26.04.20

Social Project for Helping Others Launched in Moscow

In Moscow was launched a social project #ReadyToHelp. The project brings together the media, brands, businesses, bloggers, and ordinary people who are ready to help others to master various skills in sports, study, or art.  In social networks, it is proposed to accompany such publications with the tag #ReadyToHelp! Interviews, news, and podcasts are waiting

Recommended | Insight | Kazan  | 26.03.20

Tatarstan New Project Helps People Solve Problems With Employers

A hotline has started operating in the republic of Tatarstan, where you can get free legal advice on situations related to coronavirus. People are worried about how to get money back for a failed trip, how to get salaries while staying on a distance, and other issues which have arisen during self-isolation, KazanFirst reports.  Currently,

Business | Technology  | 24.03.20

Russian Schoolchildren Have Chance to Get Computers During Quarantine

Needy Russian students were offered to provide the necessary equipment for the duration of distance learning, RT reports, citing a corresponding letter sent to the Russian Ministry of Education.  It was proposed to give those schoolchildren who need the necessary equipment for the learning process (routers and laptops). To receive the equipment, parents would need

Trading | Business  | 26.02.20

Farmers Get Government Help to Open Stores

The ministry will try to create conditions under which farmers would not be dependent on networks and could sell their products on their own, reports REGNUM.  Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia, Oksana Lut, promised to help farmers sell their products, establish distribution channels and open stores. She reminded that in 2020, in accordance with

Insight | Samara  | 25.02.20

First Regional Business Opportunity Centre Opened in Samara

A new project for entrepreneurs was launched in Samara. The first regional centre of business opportunities is a digital space where you can test more than 50 smart solutions.  The first such centre began work in Moscow in 2018. The Samara project was the first to open at the regional level. Its technical equipment allows

Moscow | Insight  | 30.01.20

2500 Muscovites Joined Social Volunteering School

More than 2,500 people signed up for the school of social volunteering in Moscow since September 2019, reports Moscow Mayor official website. The school is useful both for those who only start providing assistance, and those who are already experienced.  According to the director of the My Career employment centre, Irina Shvets, participation in volunteer