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Russians’ Travel Demand Sharply Increased in October

In Russia, rapid growth in travel demand was recorded in early October 2020, RIA News reports with reference to the executive director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze.    According to Lomidze, the increase in demand is associated with long school holidays and the switch of employees to a remote

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Experts Named Top 3 Russians’ Favourite Destinations in Autumn

Russian citizens mostly wished to fly out of the country in three directions, among which were Moldova and Turkey, Lenta reports with reference to the survey data provided by the Tutu.ru online service.   It is noted that to compile the rating, ticket sales from August 1 to September 24 with the departure dates from October

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Russia Harvested Second Largest Crop in History

In Russia, the wheat harvest by mid-September of this year was the second in its history after a record of 2017, according to the official website of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. At present, grain and leguminous crops have been threshed from 42.1 million hectares or 87.7 per cent of the sown area, 121 million

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Traditional May Walk to Be Held in September First Time

In Yekaterinburg last spring, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the traditional May Walk was postponed. Now, for the first time in its 37-year history, the walk will take place in autumn, on September 27. Usually, the traditional date for the walk was the third Sunday in May.  This year, the 50 km route was cancelled.

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Tourism Experts Named Best Place in Russia for September Vacation

Makhachkala recognized one of the best cities in Russia for a vacation in early autumn, according to the results of the study conducted by the Tutu.ru service, Lenta reports. According to the experts, a one-way ticket to this city will cost 2,738 rubles.  It is noted that for 2.9 thousand rubles, it is possible to