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Economics | Business | Around Russia  | 29.12.20

Russians Create Different Passwords for Bank Cards

Raiffeisenbank conducted a survey, as a result of which it turned out that during the pandemic in 2020, 20% of Russians could not remember the password or PIN code from a bank card, and 15% began to forget them more often. According to the experts of the bank, this growth can be attributed to the

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VTB Bank to Issue 50,000 Mortgage Loans to Russian Families

Russian VTB Bank is going to intensify efforts to increase the availability of mortgages for the population as part of a long-term programme for the development of its retail business. In this regard, by 2023 the bank plans to increase the issuance of mortgages as part of state support for families with children to 50,000

Economics | Business | Around Russia  | 24.12.20

Russians Told How They Spend New Year’s Salary Bonuses

Most Russians are going to spend their “thirteenth salary” (a salary with a bonus) on paying off loans, vacations, or buying gifts, RIA News reports with reference to the results of a survey conducted by the SuperJob job search service among 1,600 Russians over 18 years old.  According to the results of the survey, 14

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Center-Invest Bank Issues New Green Bonds

The placement of a new issue of green bonds of Center-Invest Bank in the amount of 300 million rubles has begun on the Moscow Exchange in the sustainable development sector, 1rnd reports. This is the first titled issue of green exchange-traded bonds in Russia which complies with both Russian and international standards for responsible financing. 

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Russia Entered Top 10 World’s Banks With Best Digital Systems

The Deloitte international network has released a survey of commercial banks digitalization. More than 180 consultants and analysts from the company’s offices acted as “mystery shoppers” and compared more than 1,000 functional features and technical characteristics of 318 banks in 39 countries of the world.  Russia entered the top 10 countries-leaders in world digital banking

Economics | Trading | Business  | 03.12.20

Rostovites Spent 72% More Money on Black Friday Than in 2019

On Black Friday, Don residents spent over 113 million rubles on shopping, which is 72% more than the turnover of the day of sales in 2019, 1rnd reports with reference to the data provided by the VTB’s acquiring business. On average, the volume of transactions in popular segments of goods for November 16-20 increased by

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Rostov Sberbank Department Tested Empathy Suit

For the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which is celebrated on December 3, Rostov department of the Sber bank demonstrated the GERT disability simulation suit. The new development allows experiencing the difficulties faced by the elderly or people with disabilities, 1rnd reports.   It is noted that Sber uses this suit to help employees better

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Russians Told How They Choose Banks

The experts of the Deloitte consulting company interviewed more than 5,000 people from 200 Russian cities to find out according to which criteria they choose a bank. First of all, when choosing a bank, customers pay attention to its attractive conditions (61%), including economic benefits and the ability to meet their daily needs.  The second

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Sberbank Investors Number Grew 3 Times Over Year

The number of clients who have registered investment savings products of Sberbank in the Rostov region has increased 3 times compared to the same period in 2019 and reached 49,000, 1rnd reports.  At the same time, the segment of mass investors demonstrates the highest dynamics. The most popular products among customers are bonds. Bonds account

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Russian Bank Calculated First “Green Bonds” Eco-Effect

The first bank “green” bonds in Russia, issued by Center-Invest Bank a year ago, were redeemed on the Moscow Exchange, 1rnd reports. The environmental impact of the first green release is equal to a 4.6 thousand tonnes reduction in annual CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to planting 187,000 trees.      It is specified that 36

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VTB’s Loans at 2% Helped Support 1 Million Jobs

During its work under the state loan programme for the resumption of activities, the VTB bank has provided support to clients, designed to save more than 1 million jobs. The bank has issued 21,000 loan agreements at 2 per cent per annum in the amount of over 92 billion rubles, om1 reports.   The State Restructuring