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St. Petersburg | Funny Russia | Fun | Videos  | 09.02.23

Batman Prevented Robbery in St. Petersburg [Video]

The organizers of the interactive exhibition reported that an animator in a Batman costume saved a girl from a robbery on Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg.  “Yesterday […] our valiant animator Roman in the full-length figure of Batman prevented the theft of 700 thousand rubles! Roma showed fast reaction and knocked down the robber with

Fun | Movies | Videos  | 19.03.21

Batman Sign Appeared in Moscow Sky [Video]

The Batman sign and the title of the film about all superheroes, “Justice League”, appeared over the building of the Radisson hotel in Moscow and St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg. With this mystical message, they wanted to remind about the release of the director’s version of Zack Snyder’s blockbuster.   According to Moscow24, the “Justice