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Economics | Business  | 26.05.22

‘United Russia’ Proposed Creating Special Economic Zone in Donbass

The ‘United Russia’ party proposed discussing the possibility of creating a Special Economic Zone in Donbass.   “We propose to work out the possibility of creating a Special Economic Zone on the territory of Donbass, as well as to ensure the return of a certain share of capex during the construction of production facilities,” Secretary of

Insight | Around Russia  | 07.12.21

WWII Veterans in Russia to Be Provided With Free Taxi Services

The Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media is discussing with aggregators of online taxi services the possibility of providing veterans of the Great Patriotic War with a limit on free trips in 2022.  As reported, this was announced by the Head of the Ministry, Maksut Shadaev, during a meeting of the organizing

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 10.08.21

Seven Russian Airlines to Receive Subsidies for Family Air Travel

The Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) has announced seven airlines that will receive subsidies for family air travel across Russia, RIA Novosti reported.  The agency noted that Azimut, S7, Smartavia, Red Wings, Ural Airlines, Nordwind, and Aeroflot took part in the selection. As a result, it was decided that the applications of all selection participants

Insight | Around Russia  | 16.07.21

Most Russian Employers Avoid Encouraging Employees to Vaccination

Most Russian companies do not encourage staff to get vaccinated against coronavirus (41 per cent). In those companies where bosses have such innovation, employees are given paid days off, extra days off, or a bonus, according to the SuperJob job search service.   According to the study results, 33 per cent of employers in any way

Economics | Business  | 07.07.21

Russia to Increase Concessional Lending Volume for Small Businesses

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government, the Bank of Russia, and the SME Corporation to take additional measures by November 2021 to increase the availability and volume of concessional lending to small and medium-sized businesses. The corresponding instructions are published on the Kremlin’s official website.  According to the document, the Government of the Russian

Insight | Around Russia  | 13.04.21

Russians Named Desired Level of Unemployment Benefits

Specialists of the Rabota.ru job search service conducted a study and found out how much unemployment benefits, in the opinion of Russians, the state should pay them. According to the survey, 91 per cent of the country’s residents are confident that the state should pay unemployment benefits.  Also, 39 per cent of respondents are sure

Recommended | Economics | Trading | Business  | 30.03.21

Experts Named Russian Cities Where Preferential Mortgages Cheaper Than Rent

Buying a one-room flat under the preferential mortgage programme for new buildings against the background of rising prices remained more profitable than renting in new houses in four large Russian cities, TASS reports with reference to the CIAN Analytical Centre. These cities are Makhachkala, Saratov, Ulyanovsk, and Ryazan.  According to Aleksey Popov, the Head of

Insight | Around Russia  | 18.02.21

Komi Authorities Introduce New Support Measures for Children of War

The government and the State Council of the Komi Republic this year will introduce new measures to support children of war. Among them are extraordinary receptions in social service organizations, as well as compensation for utility bills. Everything will be financed from the republican budget.  It is noted that the bill also preserves the old

Insight | Omsk  | 07.02.21

Omsk Doctors Were Offered Preferential Mortgage

The JSC Bank “DOM.RF” has extended the preferential mortgage programme for medical workers until the end of 2021, om1 reports. According to it, doctors, nurses and other hospital workers can take out mortgages at a preferential rate of 6.9 per cent. The minimum down payment is also reduced and now it accounts for 10 per

Insight | Around Russia  | 02.02.21

Nonresident Ambulance Doctors to Be Provided With Housing in Saratov Region

The authorities of the Saratov region will provide ambulance doctors from other cities with various benefits, including housing, TASS reports with reference to the regional health minister Oleg Kostin.  Kostin specified that a townhouse-type block of flats with one-room and two-room flats and with all conveniences is currently being built in Saratov. The house will

Insight | Nizhny Novgorod  | 13.01.21

Nizhny Novgorod Schoolchildren Use Benefits for Public Transport

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, the three-month period of validity of electronic travel cards was cancelled, NewsNN reports. According to the decision made in connection with the introduction of remote education, all unused trips are valid for an unlimited time.   It is noted that the decision applies to all travel passes that pupils and students

Economics | Insight | Omsk  | 22.11.20

Young Omsk Families to Receive 1 Million Rubles for Housing

In 2020, 14 Omsk families received social benefits and purchased or built housing with this money, om1 reports. In total, they received 13 million 409 thousand rubles, of which 4,012 million rubles were federal budget funds, 7,788 million rubles regional, and 1,609 rubles from the city funds.   It is noted that this support will also