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Moscow | Visit | Trip Advisory  | 21.04.21

Experts Named Top 5 Cycling Routes in Moscow Region

The length of bicycle routes in different urban districts of Moscow ranges from 20 to 60 kilometres. Local authorities are trying to include such routes in improvement projects quite often if only the landscape allows it and residents want it, Radio 1 reports.   The Ministry of Public Improvement of the Moscow Region has listed five

Moscow | Insight  | 15.03.21

Moscow Authorities Keep Developing Bike-Sharing System

According to the Yandex.Market online marketplace, 11 per cent more bikes were bought in 2020 than in 2019 in Moscow, and the ‘Moscow Velobike’ urban bike-sharing was used 14 per cent more often than a year before, the press service of the Unified Transport Portal reports.    In total, in 2020 Moscow residents made 5.7

Fun | Sports  | 14.11.20

Russian Cyclist Won Gold in European Track Cycling Sprint

Russian cyclist, Anastasiya Voinova, came first in the sprint at the European Track Cycling Championships, in the competitions that were held in Bulgaria, Plovdiv.  Anastasia Voinova is a Russian track cyclist who has been playing for the Russian national team in various disciplines since 2009. She is also a silver medalist of the 2016 Olympic

Moscow | Insight  | 21.09.20

Muscovites Made Over 4 Million City Bike Rides

Since the beginning of the 2020 season, more than 4 million city bike rentals have been made in Moscow, according to the official Telegram-Channel of the Moscow Department of Transport. The average length of each route is 2.9 kilometres.  It is specified that the bike rental began operating in the city on April 10, 2020.

Insight | Nizhny Novgorod  | 12.08.20

City Bike Rental to Be Opened in Nizhny Novgorod

The city bike rental network Velobike, already operating in Moscow and Murmansk, will be opened in Nizhny Novgorod on 18 August.  In total, Nizhny Novgorod residents will have access to 200 anti-vandal bicycles, which will be located at 20 stations. It is noted that they are mainly located in the historical centre of the city,

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 29.07.20

Experts Named Top Bike Rental Stations in Moscow

Muscovites most often use the service of renting bicycles at the entrance to VDNKh (16.2 thousand times) and in Gorky Park (9.5 thousand times), the official Telegram-Channel of the Moscow Department of Transport reported.  In the places mentioned above, bicycles are rented not only by those who came to walk in the park but also by

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Muscovites Invited to City Cycling Routes

The Moscow nature specialists (Mospriroda) prepared special cycling routes through the natural areas of the Russian capital, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reported.  If the Biryulevsky arboretum has three thematic cycling routes at once, then the Raketa cycle path leads cyclists past the picnic areas, while the cycling path Cross Country is designed

Recommended | Visit | Trip Advisory  | 20.07.20

Author’s Bike Routes Appeared in Moscow Project

A new section has appeared on the #MoskvaSToboi (“MoscowWithYou) media platform, in which the author’s cycle routes are published. Coaches, athletes, and guides talked about the peculiarities of the Moscow cycling culture, the official website of the city mayor reported.   The cycling routes are dedicated to different architectural styles, in particular avant-garde and modern. The

Moscow | Insight  | 05.07.20

Moscow Bike Rental Used Over 1 Million Times in June

The users of the Moscow bicycle rental in June made 1.3 million trips. The number of trips increased by 280,000 compared to June 2019, the Moscow Mayor’s official website reports.  It is specified that about 200,000 users made more than one trip. The most popular rental station No. 466 is located at the main entrance

Recommended | Fun | Sports  | 09.06.20

Omsk Cyclist Rode Longest Marathon in Region

Aleksei Lemaev is the first Omsk resident to conquer the longest marathon in the region of 1,000 kilometres which took him 71 hours 41 minutes, om1.ru reports. The result of the Omsk cyclist will be forwarded to the World Association ‘Les Randonneurs Mondiaux’. Randonner is a cyclist taking part in special events known as brevets,

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Tourism Industry Experts Named Best Cities for Cyclists

Russian tourism industry experts presented a ranking of the best cities in Russia and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States for cycling tourists on city routes, TurStat agency reports.  The experts studied the length of bike paths and bike lanes in cities, as well as bicycle routes and the number of rental bikes

Recommended | Moscow | Insight  | 11.04.20

Free Bike Rental for Volunteers and Couriers Opened in Moscow

In April, all couriers and volunteers in Moscow are able to use bike rental free of charge, including at points that are located within walking distance from Moscow Central Diameters stations.  From April 10, bike rental points were launched, including at 10 Moscow Central Diameters stations within the Central zone. Free bike rental was opened