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Insight | Around Russia  | 20.04.21

Nizhnekamsk Residents Donated 32 Litres Blood on Donor Day 

In Nizhnekamsk, 71 people came to donate blood on Donor Day. As a result, they donated 32 litres. Five people shared blood for the first time, KazanFirst reports.  Usually, the Blood Centre does not accept primary donors to prevent the disposal of the surplus but before the long May and New Year holidays, an exception

Insight | Around Russia  | 19.04.21

Russians Increased Donated Blood Plasma Volume by 15%

The volumes of blood plasma and thrombocyte concentrate dispensed in Russia in 2020 increased by 15 per cent during the pandemic.  It is noted that more than 170 thousand people were attracted to donating blood through volunteers and the effective work of regional institutions of the donation system, TASS reports with reference to the head of

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Samara Scientists Can Diagnose Cancer by Blood Drop

Researchers from Samara University named after S.P. Korolev, together with their colleagues from Samara State Medical University, have developed a method for diagnosing cancer and other diseases using one drop of a patient’s blood and published the reports in the Journal of Raman Spectroscopy.  It is stated that Raman spectroscopy of blood makes it possible

Moscow | Insight  | 17.07.20

Over 1 Ton Blood Plasma for Coronavirus Patients Treatment Prepared in Moscow

In Moscow, specialists have prepared more than a ton of plasma with antibodies from donors who have recovered from COVID-19 for the treatment of coronavirus patients, RIA News reported. The Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development, Anastasia Rakova, told that over 1.7 thousand people became donors.   It is noted that more than 760 patients

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Muscovites Learned How to Become Blood Donors

On June 14, World Blood Donor Day is traditionally celebrated. On this day Moscow citizens were told about the requirements for those who want to help people, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.  It was told that only a healthy person with no chronic diseases can be a donor, as in the blood

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Over 15 Thousand Litres Donated Blood Collected in Moscow Suburbs

More than 15 thousand litres of donated blood were collected in the Moscow region this year, Radio 1 reports with reference to the press service of the regional Ministry of Health. The Russian Donor’s Day is traditionally celebrated on April 20. The holiday is dedicated to those who donate their blood, and to doctors who

Moscow | Insight  | 18.04.20

Moscow Blood Plasma Donors to Receive Payments for Help

In Moscow, blood plasma donors will receive cash payments for the treatment of coronavirus infection, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development, Anastasia Rakova, announced.  A new method of combating coronavirus infection has already begun to be used in Moscow. The first blood transfusion procedures for patients with COVID-19 have already taken place. It

Insight | Around Russia  | 17.04.20

Dozens of Kolyvan Settlement Residents Became Blood Donors

On April 16, the administration team of the Kolyvan region replenished the stocks of donor blood components, VN.RU reports. About 120 people come to the Novosibirsk blood centre every day.  To get to the Novosibirsk Clinical Blood Center is the idea of ​​the head of the district. Today he is visitor number 125. The blood

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Bloody Snowman in Novosibirsk

A heartbreaking picture can be observed by passers-by, whose route runs near the hostel number 6 of NSTU in Novosibirsk. They will meet a bloody snowman. A large snowman devoured by small snowmen, in desperation, his black mouth flung open towards the sky, meets the inhabitants of dormitory No. 6 of NSTU. The sunbathing snowman

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Lectures on Proper Nutrition: Healthy Lifestyle Tips

New lectures on health will be held in the Moscow polyclinics from November 25 to 30. They will be devoted to a healthy lifestyle, diseases of the heart, respiratory tract and diabetes. Also, Muscovites will be told more about children’s health. In particular, on November 25, a lecture on the neuropsychic development of babies will