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Trading | Business  | 02.02.22

Wildberries Allocates 5 Billion Rubles to Encourage Sellers for Faster Delivery

The Russian online retailer Wildberries announced that it will allocate 5 billion rubles to subsidize the trade commission for fast delivery. The company will reduce its trading commission for sellers who deliver goods faster than the regulatory deadlines.   As specified, the commission will decrease by 0.1 percentage points for each saved hour that will pass

Recommended | Visit | Trip Advisory  | 17.03.20

Gas Station Network Plays 50 Million Rubles

The Gazprom Neft network of gas stations launched the benefit evolution campaign. The participants of the Loyalty program “On the Way With Us” will win 50 million bonus points, which can be used to pay for the fuel at the rate of 1 bonus = 1 ruble, KazanFirst reports.  The drawing will take place over