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Baltic States Freeze Customs Cooperation With Russia

The Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation has received letters from the Baltic States on the freezing of customs cooperation. This was announced on Monday, October 24, by the Deputy Head of the Service, Ruslan Davydov, at a press conference in Moscow.  “Our borders with the European Union are the borders with the Baltic

Finland to Close Border for Russian Tourists Tonight

Finland is going to close the border for the entry of tourists from Russia next night, as reported by the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, citing sources.  “The new border rules should come into force as early as Thursday evening, unless the government at its meeting, which starts today at 1 pm, changes the schedule that

Finland Proposed EU Imposing Travel Sanctions Against Russians

Finland has proposed to the EU to include a ban on issuing tourist visas in the list of anti-Russian sanctions, as well as terminate Schengen visas for Russians.  “Finland has proposed that in order to strengthen the unity of the EU, tourist visas should be included in the scope of EU sanctions. Finland considers it

Estonia May Withdraw Signatures on Border Agreements With Russia

The Estonian Parliament, at a meeting on Tuesday, May 3, will consider the proposal to withdraw signatures under the land and sea border agreements with the Russian Federation signed on February 18, 2014. The corresponding proposal was made by the opposition Conservative People’s Party of Estonia (EKRE).   “Upon completion of the occupation and restoration of

Russia Lifts Restrictions on Flights to Cuba, Mexico, and Qatar

Russia is fully resuming flights with Cuba, Mexico, and Qatar from December 1, 2021, taking into account the epidemic situation there, according to the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.   It is reminded that recently Russians also have got the opportunity to fly to Bangladesh, Brazil, Mongolia, Costa Rica, and Argentina. And since November 9,

Russian Radars Track Over 50 Foreign Spy Planes by State Borders in a Week 

Russian radars tracked over 50 foreign aircraft that conducted air reconnaissance near the country’s state borders over the past week, as stated by the Defence Ministry’s official newspaper ‘Krasnaya Zvezda’. According to the infographics provided, 37 foreign spy planes and 19 drones conducted air reconnaissance over the indicated time.   Fighter jets of Russia’s air defence