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Experts Named Most Popular Cat Breeds in Russia 2020

The most popular cat breeds among the residents of Russia in 2020 were Maine Coons, as well as British and Siberian cats, according to the President of the International Felinological Association Elena Shevchenko.  It is noted that due to the fact that people are more often at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, they have

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Most Popular Cat Breeds in Russia

Russians most often have British cats, Maine Coons, Bengal, and Siberian cats, the city news agency Moscow reported on the International Cat Day which is celebrated on August 8.   The President of the International Felinological Association, Elena Shevchenko, explained the popularity of British cats by their external similarity with teddy bears. According to the expert,

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Russian Cynologists Named Most Popular Dog Breeds in 2020

The president of the Russian Cynological Federation, Vladimir Golubev, said that German Spitz recognized the most popular dog breed among Russians since the beginning of 2020, the Moscow news agency reported.  The rating was compiled on the basis of the number of registered puppies of a certain breed per year. It is noted that German Spitz

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Chelyabinsk Breeders Teach Dogs Water Polo

Chelyabinsk breeders have come up with a new sports entertainment for their pets which they called a dog water polo, chelTV reports.  The rules are as follows: you take an ordinary ball, throw it into a pond, and a dog should catch it and bring it from there. The winner is the first dog to

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Russian Dog Handler Named Best Dog Breeds for Children

The President of the Russian Cynological Federation, Vladimir Golubev, told which breeds of dogs are best for families with children, RIA News reports.  According to the expert, when choosing a dog breed, you need to take into account its temperament, habits, and activity. If a family has a child, it is best to take a

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Rare Dog Breeds to Be Shown at Novosibirsk Exhibition

The dog exhibition will be held on February 16 in Novosibirsk. The event is organized by the Aktion dog lovers club.  Dog exhibition is a spectacular event, the main purpose of which is to collect as many thoroughbred representatives as possible in order to get an idea of the dogs existing in the given place

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New Breed of Dog: Karelian Laika

A new breed of dog, the Karelian Laika, was bred in Russia, reports Ministry of Nature Management of the Republic of Karelia. The breed standard was officially approved at a meeting of the special commission in Moscow. The breed has a bright red colour, hunts well and can live in an apartment.   Two different breeds

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Russians’ Most Popular Dog Breed 2019

The most popular breed of dogs among Russians in 2019 is German Spitz. Second place is taken by the Siberian Husky, the next most popular is the Yorkshire Terrier. This was reported by the Russian Cynological Federation (RCF).  According to the organization, companion dogs are now in demand in Russia. “Perhaps this is due to