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Economics | Business  | 26.05.22

‘United Russia’ Proposed Creating Special Economic Zone in Donbass

The ‘United Russia’ party proposed discussing the possibility of creating a Special Economic Zone in Donbass.   “We propose to work out the possibility of creating a Special Economic Zone on the territory of Donbass, as well as to ensure the return of a certain share of capex during the construction of production facilities,” Secretary of

Business | Technology  | 14.03.22

Russian Social Network Created Public Council to Support Entrepreneurs

VK is creating a public council to support medium and small businesses in the new conditions, which includes entrepreneurs and representatives of the public organization “Opora Russia”.  “The main goal of the council is to help representatives of SMEs adapt to new conditions and take into account their interests in business development as much as

Insight | Around Russia  | 21.12.21

Russian Employers Told About Business Achievements in 2021  

Specialists of the Russian job search service conducted a study and found out how Russian employers evaluate the results of 2021. The study results showed that 28 per cent of employers are generally satisfied with the company’s results, although they admit that they could have worked better.  Another 11 per cent of the survey participants

Insight | Around Russia  | 16.12.21

Russian Schoolchildren Shared Plans for Future Profession

Most of the Russian schoolchildren would like to do business in the future, as stated in the survey conducted by the ‘Yaklass’ International Educational Company from November 22 to 30, 2021, among the students of grades 5-11 throughout Russia.   According to the study results, almost half of the respondents (48 per cent) want to become

Events | Visit  | 15.11.21

Made in Russia: Moscow to Hold International Export Forum

On December 10, Moscow will host the International Export Forum “Made in Russia” organized by the Russian Export Centre. This year’s programme was formed taking into account the interests of exporters of any scale and experience.  It is noted that in addition to the official part of the event, to develop useful ties and business

Insight | Around Russia  | 05.11.21

More Than Half Russians Would Like to Have Own Business

Specialists of the job search service conducted a study and found out whether the residents of Russia would like to open their own businesses.  It turned out that more than half (62 per cent) of the surveyed were considering the possibility of opening their own business. Of those who would like to open their own

Economics | Business  | 07.07.21

Russia to Increase Concessional Lending Volume for Small Businesses

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government, the Bank of Russia, and the SME Corporation to take additional measures by November 2021 to increase the availability and volume of concessional lending to small and medium-sized businesses. The corresponding instructions are published on the Kremlin’s official website.  According to the document, the Government of the Russian

Insight | Around Russia  | 29.05.21

Most Russians Dream to Launch Business Projects in IT Field

Russians most often want to launch IT startups and usually they manage to find investments in an average of 10 months, TASS reports with reference to the study of the Onestart crowd-investing platform.   Experts clarify that more than 1.4 thousand projects were analyzed as part of the study. Thus, 15 per cent of business projects

Recommended | Business | Technology  | 19.05.21

Russia Increased Business Digitalization Pace

Russian entrepreneurs are actively digitizing their businesses. Compared to the previous year, the share of companies using online business promotion has noticeably increased, which follows from a joint study of Otkritie Bank, the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, and the Sverdlovsk Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship Support, the NAFI analytical centre reports.   The Business Digitalization Index

Insight | Around Russia  | 18.05.21

Russian Advertising Managers Dream of Own Business

The opportunity to open a business is considered by 38 per cent of Russians, most of whom work as advertising managers, marketers, and sales managers, according to the SuperJob job search service. On the contrary, 42 per cent of Russians do not consider the possibility of entrepreneurship, explaining this by the instability of the economy,

Insight | Around Russia  | 15.05.21

Russian Entrepreneurs Satisfied With Profession Choice

During the coronavirus pandemic, every fourth entrepreneur in Russia (24 per cent) thought about returning to work for hire if the income level is not lower than the current one, although 70 per cent of the survey conducted by the NAFI analytical centre participants are not ready to return to work for hire.  The survey

Economics | Business  | 30.04.21

VTB Leasing Increased Vehicle Transactions’ Volume by 43%

VTB Leasing has summed up its operating results for the Q1 of 2021. During this period, the company entered into 6.8 thousand new contracts, which is 14.7 per cent more compared to the same period last year, so that as of April 1, the volume of new business amounted to 19.8 billion rubles, the press