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Economics | Business  | 21.04.22

Forbes Published Rating of Richest Russian Businessmen 2022

Forbes magazine has published a rating of the richest Russian businessmen in 2022. It is noted that after the start of the Russia’s special military operation, the list has changed. The new leader of the rating is NLMK (international steel company) co-owner, Vladimir Lisin, whose fortune is estimated at $18.4 billion, displaced, Alexey Mordashov, from the

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New Survey: Russians See Many Opportunities in Entrepreneurship

On Russian Entrepreneur’s Day which was traditionally celebrated on May 26, the ‘Business Voice‘ all-Russian project presented the results of a survey of Russian businessmen on the reasons they chose to be entrepreneurs.   The ‘Business Voice’ is a B2B research platform of the NAFI Analytical Centre, launched in December 2020 in partnership with the portal

Recommended | Insight | Events | Around Russia  | 26.05.21

Experts Assessed Russian Entrepreneurs’ Happiness Level

Analysts of the SberZdorovye and YooKassa services conducted a psychological study dedicated to Entrepreneur’s Day which is traditionally celebrated in Russia on May 26. Specialists studied the level of happiness of Russian businessmen using the Oxford Happiness Inventory (OHI), TASS reports. The study showed that the majority of Russian entrepreneurs are optimistic about their future. 

Insight | Around Russia  | 18.05.21

Russian Advertising Managers Dream of Own Business

The opportunity to open a business is considered by 38 per cent of Russians, most of whom work as advertising managers, marketers, and sales managers, according to the SuperJob job search service. On the contrary, 42 per cent of Russians do not consider the possibility of entrepreneurship, explaining this by the instability of the economy,

Business | Technology  | 13.04.21

Most Russian Entrepreneurs Sell Products Online

More than 60 per cent of Russian entrepreneurs are engaged in online sales of their goods and services, according to a survey conducted by the outsourcing service “Knopka”, TASS reports.  In the course of the survey, 61.6 per cent of respondents said that they sell goods and services via the Internet (they have their own

Insight | Around Russia  | 22.03.21

Russians Named Main Character Traits of Ideal Entrepreneur

Specialists of the SuperJob job search service conducted a study and found out how Russians see an ideal entrepreneur, TASS reports. According to the survey results, Russian residents consider honesty (19 per cent), responsibility (18 per cent), and dedication (15 per cent) to be the main character traits of an entrepreneur.  According to 14 per

Moscow | Insight  | 10.01.21

Almost 10,000 Entrepreneurs Underwent Training in Moscow

In 2020, almost 10 thousand entrepreneurs studied at the Moscow Exporter School, VM.ru reports. It is specified that the training programme included international communication, marketing, logistics, certification, as well as other aspects of export activities.    “Thanks to the online training format introduced last year, the audience of classes has grown two and a half

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French Billionaire Showed Exclusive Wedding Photos

French billionaire, Antoine Arnault, shared photos from the wedding with Russian model Natalia Vodianova.  It was reported that the 38-year-old supermodel and 42-year-old French billionaire officially married on September 19, 2020. The ceremony took place at the Paris City Hall under the personal supervision of the mayor of the city Anne Hidalgo. It is clarified

Fun | Music  | 21.12.20

Russian Experts Announced Businessmen’s Favourite Music in 2020

A team of specialists from the Rabota.ru job search service, SberZvuk music streaming service, and SberAcelerator conducted a survey among the founders of Russian startups, in which they were asked to tell about what music they listened to in 2020.  According to the results of the study, which involved 55 companies, most often Russian startupers

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Financial Literacy Festival to Be Held in Moscow Online

The festival of financial literacy and entrepreneurial culture this year will be held online. It will be organized with the support of the Moscow departments of education and finance, as well as the Bank of Russia, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.    It is noted that the participants will find web quests

Economics | Business  | 13.09.20

Entrepreneurs Can Order Bank Cards With Courier Delivery

Entrepreneurs who are clients of Otkrytie Bank have an opportunity to order business cards through the Internet banking system with courier delivery to the company’s office, to the home address of a cardholder, or to any other convenient for a client place, om1 reports.   To receive a card with courier delivery it is necessary to

Trading | Business  | 24.07.20

Analysts Named Most Popular Export Destinations in Moscow

From April 2020 city entrepreneurs can order personal analytical studies of foreign markets for free in the Moscow Export Centre (MEC). Entrepreneurs can analyze up to 5 foreign markets and choose the best directions for export. The analysts have already found out which directions for export are of interest to Moscow entrepreneurs, the official website