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Insight | Chelyabinsk  | 15.10.20

Top Popular Names in Chelyabinsk Region

The most popular names in the South Urals turned out to be Sofia and Artyom, chelTV reports. In general, the birth rate in the region has increased by 336, to 25,028 children. Statistics for the period from January to September 2020 were shared in the State Committee for Civil Registry Office of the Chelyabinsk Region. 

Economics | Business  | 11.10.20

Almost 9 Billion Rubles to Be Allocated to Families With Children

Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, signed a decree according to which more than 8.8 billion rubles will be allocated to families with children from 3 to 7 years old, the press service of the Russian government reports.   The benefits that families with children from 3 to 7 years old receive every month were introduced on

Insight | Rostov  | 05.10.20

Rostov Schoolchildren to Be Taught Safe Use of Household Gas

The best lesson on the safe use of gas in everyday life will be chosen in Rostov. The annual regional competition for teachers is announced by PJSC Gazprom Gazoraspredelenie Rostov-on-Don, 1rnd reports.  “By telling the kids about the correct use of gas at home, we lay the foundation for the safe operation of gas equipment

Events | Fun  | 03.10.20

Skoda Teaches Russian Children About Road Safety

The educational project of Skoda Kroha (“Skoda Baby”) is aimed at increasing Russian children’s knowledge of road safety. This year, the Eurasia Motors dealership has joined the global initiative, om1 reports.  It is noted that in 2011 the Skoda brand launched the training project which is gaining popularity every year and does not lose its

Insight | Around Russia  | 30.09.20

Experts Named Russian Regions With Best Grandmothers and Granddaughters Ratio

In more than 60 regions of Russia, there is a large disproportion between grandmothers and granddaughters (2–4 grandmothers for one child), according to the head of the laboratory for quantitative methods of researching regional development of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Elena Egorova.  She claimed that the drop in fertility affected the ratio. Thus,

Fun | Sports  | 22.09.20

Federal Sport Project Won National Award

The joint federal project of the VSK Insurance House and Russian goalkeeper, Igor Akinfeev, “Penalty” won the “Best Social Projects of Russia” award in the “Support for Gifted Children and Youth” nomination, 63.ru reports. The project’s main task is to attract the attention of the audience to young talents who have no opportunity for development. 

Insight | Nizhny Novgorod  | 20.09.20

Experts Told What Names Nizhny Novgorod Residents Give to Children

The employees of the Main Directorate of the Civil Registry Office of the Nizhny Novgorod region told what names residents prefer to give to their children, NewsNN reports.   From January to August 2020, there were born many boys with the names Artyom (513), Alexander (479), Mikhail (465), and Maksim (412). As for the girls, most

Recommended | Business | Technology  | 18.09.20

Unmanned Tractor to Be Assembled in Urals

Chelyabinsk children are assembling an unmanned tractor. One demonstration and educational model, also on a caterpillar track like a tractor, is already available in the children’s scientific laboratory (Quantorium).  It is noted that children themselves have already assembled a model of a tractor and call it an ant for its permeability and endurance. Young developers

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 11.09.20

Experts Named Best Services for Children’s Internet Activity Monitoring

The Federal Quality Control (Roskachestvo) experts conducted a study, during which they checked popular services for monitoring children’s activity on the Internet. Specialists have tested 15 applications on iOS and Android which allow controlling the actions of children on the web.  The most effective turned out to be Kaspersky Safe Kids, Safe Lagoon, and ESET

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 01.09.20

Russian Children Learn Safety Rules With New Video Tutorials

The “Pyaterochka” chain of stores together with the search and rescue team “Lisa Alert” created special video tutorials on safety with useful information for schoolchildren and their parents.   The campaign aimed at helping parents with preschool preparation is supported by outdoor advertisements and 10-second TV spots, with a superhero child in the centre of the

Business | Technology  | 30.08.20

Muscovites Taught to Follow Children’s School Marks Online

Moscow residents can use various services to keep track of their children’s grades in school, their attendance, and even directly contact teachers. For this, the number of applications was created, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.    It is noted that to check a child’s progress it is possible to open the Electronic