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Russians Chose Best Dishes for Christmas [Survey]

The most popular dishes for Christmas among the residents of Russia were named by the participants of the survey of the SuperJob job search service. The results of the survey were at the disposal of the RIA Novosti agency.  According to the survey results, 39 per cent of the men and women surveyed plan to

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Russian Biathletes Won Silver in Christmas Race

Russian biathletes won silver in the Christmas Race in Ruhpolding, Germany. The Russian team consisted of Matvey Eliseev and Evgenia Burtasova. They lost 56.8 seconds to the Austrians Lisa Theresa Hauser and Felix Leitner, who covered the distance in 32 minutes and 15.5 seconds. The bronze medal was taken by the representatives of the Czech

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Public Opinion: Russians Satisfied With Winter Holidays

According to a study conducted by the experts of the Russian Public Opinion Foundation, 76 per cent of Russians are satisfied with the New Year holidays and they managed to renew their energy before the working days (72 per cent).   The study also showed that the overwhelming majority of Russians (88 per cent) support the

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Kremlin Christmas Tree 2020 to Be Held in Unusual Format

In 2020, the opening of the Kremlin Christmas tree will be held in a multimedia format for the first time, according to VM.ru with reference to the Moscow Department of Media and Advertising.  It is noted that preparations are currently underway for the All-Russian Christmas Tree opening. The event will take place on the evening

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First Region in Russia Made December 31 Day Off

The last day of 2020 was made a day off in one of the regions of Russia. The Belgorod Region became the first one to change regular schedule, RIA News reports.  On Wednesday, December 2, the interim head of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, signed an order making December 31 a non-working day. According to

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Experts Named New Year Present Average Cost in Russia

On average, Russians are going to spend 11,800 rubles on New Year’s gifts, which is less than in 2019 (13,500 rubles), om1 reports. For men, the average gift budget is higher than for women (13,500 versus 9,800 rubles).   It is noted that young people under 24 are going to spend more money on gifts

Insight | Omsk  | 16.10.20

Omsk Residents Chose Place for Main City Christmas Tree

The Omsk Mayor’s Office has summed up the results of the competition for the main city Christmas tree. Voting took place in the official administration group on the VKontakte social network, and the winner was the concept of “Omsk in Miniature” from the ‘Landshaft-Omsk’ company. For this option voted 3,487 Omsk residents.   It is specified

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Top 5 Signs One Should Pay Attention to on Old New Year

Two weeks after the celebration of the New Year, on the night of January 13-14, another New Year is knocking on the doors of Russians again, and its name is Old New Year.  Old New Year appeared as a result of a change in the calendar. The tradition of celebrating this holiday arose after 1918

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What People Should Not Do During Christmas Time

Christmas time is almost two weeks with a special meaning and unique traditions. There are certain things that are strictly not recommended to be done during Christmas time. For example, sewing, divination, swearing and getting angry, especially at parents.  The period from January 6 to 18 since ancient times is considered mysterious and magical. The

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Greatest Christian Holiday: History of Russian Christmas

Christmas is one of the largest, brightest and most ancient Christian holidays. Most people celebrate Orthodox Christmas according to the Old Style (Julian calendar) on January 7th.  Christmas in Kievan Rus began to be celebrated in the 10th century. In 1918, the religious holiday in the USSR was officially banned. It was restored in 1991,