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Economics | Business  | 23.11.22

Russian Authorities Supported Introduction of Islamic Banking

The Ministry of Finance of Russia has approved the idea of introducing Islamic banking. It goes about a type of banking activity that assumes the absence of any interest income. The decision of the department to support the bill was announced by the Deputy Head of the Ministry Aleksey Moiseev.  “We support […] There are

Visit | Trip Advisory  | 17.11.22

Sri Lanka to Open Visa and Mastercard for Russians Remotely

Russian tourists were offered a remote issuance of Visa and Mastercard bank cards at the People’s Bank of Sri Lanka before leaving for the resort. This was reported by the embassy of the island state in Moscow.  Thanks to the cooperation of the People’s Bank of Sri Lanka and the Russian National Investment and Industrial

Algeria and Russia Starting First Military Training on Algerian Soil

About 200 soldiers will take part in the Desert Shield anti-terrorism exercises. This first joint ground operation on Algerian soil will take place in the west of the country, near Morocco.  Russia and Algeria are launching Desert Shield 2022 maneuvers, which bring together some 200 soldiers from Russian and Algerian counterterrorism forces in Bechar Province,

Ex-Reagan Adviser Received Russian Foreign Ministry’s Medal

US writer and scholar on Russia, Suzanne Massie, who served as an adviser to President Ronald Reagan, has received the medal of the Russian Foreign Ministry “For Contribution to International Cooperation.” The medal, signed by Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, was presented to Massie on Tuesday at the Foreign Ministry Representation in St. Petersburg. “If

New Railway Freight Route Opened Between Russia and China

The Consulate General of Russia in Harbin announced the opening of a new railway freight route between Russia and China.   “In early October, the first freight train to Moscow from the Chinese city of Tieling passed through the Zabaikalsk — Manchuria railway checkpoint. 50 containers with export goods with a total value of about 77

Belarus to Increase Exports to Russia by Almost 1.5 Times

Belarus plans to increase exports to Russia by 1.4 times this year, including by increasing cooperation with Russian industrial enterprises, as stated by Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Pyotr Parkhomchik.  “We are increasing very well the export of our products [to Russia]. For six months there was an increase of almost 1.3 times. The task was

Russian Hackers Obtained Ukrainian Army’s Secret Files

The RaHDIt Russian hacker group and the Ukrainian Beregini female hacker team have obtained secret documents relating to the operation of the Ukrainian armed forces, according to a RaHDIt member.   “Yes, we have access to operational documents of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we have data on the operational situation, we are working with our

Trading | Business  | 30.05.22

Kherson Region Starts Exporting Grain to Russia

The export of grain of the last harvest has begun from the Kherson region to Russia, as said by the Deputy Head of the Military-Civil Administration of the region, Kirill Stremousov, on Monday, May 30, 2022.  “There is a place to put [the new crop], although, of course, a lot of grain is here. Now

Trading | Business  | 26.05.22

Iran Expressed Readiness to Supply Goods to Russia

Iran is ready to saturate the Russian market with the necessary goods, from building materials to high-tech products, as said by the Head of the Russian Export Center Veronika Nikishina.   “The Iranian partners are ready to negotiate with Russian entrepreneurs and supply a lot of their goods — from construction and finishing materials to serious