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Insight | Omsk  | 14.04.21

Omsk Artist Created Tiny Monument to Russian Space Conquerors

The famous Omsk artist-microminiaturist, Anatoly Konenko, created a monument to the conquerors of space on a pencil lead, om1 reports. The work is dedicated to Cosmonautics Day which was celebrated on April 12.  Anatoly created a copy of the Monument to the Conquerors of Space, the original of which is in Moscow. The artist made

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Unique Vehicles Created in Omsk Village [Video]

Engineer Viktor Grishaev from the village of Baikal, 46 kilometres from Omsk, creates unusual vehicles, agricultural machinery, and snowblowers. The village is small, only 20 people live there. There is only one shop where bread is brought twice a week and the only connection with the rest of the world is the bus which arrives

Insight | Omsk  | 14.01.21

Omsk Resident Created Miniature Ice Book

The well-known Omsk artist and Guinness Book record holder, Anatoly Konenko, created a micro-miniature ice book measuring 40×55 mm. The craftsman keeps the book with the folk tale “The Snow Maiden” in the freezer, TASS reports.  It is noted that Konenko uses crystal clear ice, which he melts and then pours into special moulds. The

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Novosibirsk Craftsman Created World’s Smallest Wooden Spoon [Video]

Russian microminiaturist, Vladimir Aniskin, made a wooden spoon that fits in the eye of a needle. Currently, the craftsman prepares documents for the Guinness Book of Records to officially record his achievement, VN.ru reports.    The Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, a senior researcher at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the

Events | Fun  | 12.10.20

Iskitim Masters Won Craftsmen Festival

In the Iskitim district of the Novosibirsk region, participants and winners of the traditional regional festival of craftsmen “Delo” (“Business”) were awarded. This year 69 artists from 14 regions of Russia took part in the event, and 6 winners were identified, VN.ru reports.  One of the winners of the festival, Zinaida Kondrashova, is a musician

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Russian Craftsman Creates Amazing Figures of Animals

A resident of Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region, creates sculptures of animals from old motorcycle tires. Now, the craftsman, Vitaliy Diprinda, works in a car service, where he finally has a lot of material for the fulfillment of his creative ideas, Troitsk local website reports.   The master explains the choice of the material so that motorcycle tires

Insight | Novosibirsk  | 16.02.20

150 Thousand Rubles for Winners of WorldSkills Russia Championship

Designers, cyber technicians, and hairdressers compete in their skills in the WorldSkills Russia championship of applied professions, reports VN.RU.  Participants are students of Novosibirsk colleges had a chance to take part in the championship and prove their professional skills. The first platform was the carpentry class. The task is to cut a window frame from

Insight | Around Russia  | 12.02.20

Giant Blender Constructed by Urals Craftsman

A super aggregate out of unnecessary things was created by the Zlatoust resident, the welder Denis Rostovtsev. He made a big blender capable of chopping 100 kilograms of cabbage per hour, reports chelTV.  “If you have an imagination, you don’t need a lot of money,” says Denis Rostovtsev. According to the craftsman, he used an