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Business | Technology  | 13.02.23

Russians Created Automatic Search System for Prohibited Content

The Main Radio Frequency Center of Russia, subordinate to Roskomnadzor (Federal Supervisor for Mass Media and Communications) has launched the “Oculus” system for automated search of violations of the Russian legislation in images and videos using computer vision technologies.  “The Oculus Information System has already been launched and performs the tasks assigned to it in

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Russia Adopted Law on Genomic Information Collection

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has signed a law that expands the list of persons subject to mandatory genomic registration. The relevant law is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.  According to the law, this list will include all convicted and serving sentences in the form of imprisonment, suspects and accused of committing

St. Petersburg | Funny Russia | Fun | Videos  | 09.02.23

Batman Prevented Robbery in St. Petersburg [Video]

The organizers of the interactive exhibition reported that an animator in a Batman costume saved a girl from a robbery on Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg.  “Yesterday […] our valiant animator Roman in the full-length figure of Batman prevented the theft of 700 thousand rubles! Roma showed fast reaction and knocked down the robber with

Insight | Around Russia  | 23.12.22

Russia’s Federation Council Supported Law on Life Sentence for Sabotage

The Federation Council of the Russian Federation has approved a law on criminal punishment for carrying out subversive activities. The law recognizes as aggravating circumstances the commission of a crime for the purpose of propaganda, justification, and support of sabotage.  According to the law, criminal liability is established for inducing, recruiting or otherwise involving a

Russia Found General Who Ordered Blocking Humanitarian Corridors in Mariupol

Russian investigators have identified a Ukrainian lieutenant general who ordered the blocking of humanitarian corridors in Mariupol in order to use civilians as human shields. “Currently, work is continuing with the servicemen of the Azov special purpose regiment, who carried out general coordination of actions on the territory of Mariupol. The identity of the commander

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Russian State Duma Introduced Tougher Penalties for Crimes Against State 

The State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted in the second reading a bill on punishment for treason, disclosure of state secrets, espionage and defection to the enemy, as stated by the Chairman of the Security and Anti-corruption Committee of the State Duma Vasily Piskarev.   “The measures will strengthen responsibility for crimes against the security

Russia Strives to Ensure Security in Persian Gulf

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, announced that Moscow will ensure security in the Persian Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean amid a surge in piracy-related incidents across the globe, Sputnik reports. Speaking at a UN Security Council maritime security conference on Monday, August 9, Putin stressed the necessity of combating transnational crime.  “Unfortunately, there are also many

Recommended  | 15.08.20

Women from Rostov Region Caught Thief

In Semikarakorsk, two women stopped a bicycle thief. Irina and Olga were in a shop when one of their friends saw that her bike, parked nearby, was missing, 1rnd reported with reference to the press service of the Don Central Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  First, the women called the police and then

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Rostov Convicts First Time Passed Labour and Defense Training Test

In the Rostov Region, convicts sentenced to corrective labour passed the GTO standards, which means that they tested their skills in the Labour and Defense Readiness. The event was held at the Rostov correctional centre, reports Rostov Department of the Federal Service of Penalties Execution.  According to the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service

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Rostov Woman Seeks Investigation into Virtual Things Theft

Rostov woman Anna is trying to get a criminal case on theft in virtual space. Hackers stole from her Dota 2 game things worth over 30 thousand rubles.  The security forces are not in a hurry to look for cybercriminals. Anna told about her story in social networks. On the night of February 22-23, her